Oh shit! They have mates!

EVE Online is, essentially, a big sandbox full of toys given to us by Icelandic developers CCP. Some 500,000 capsuleers live in this sandbox and get up to various forms of mischief, dastardly deeds, mining, farming , politics and all sorts. These are some of my stories. They are limited to my own experiences, a tiny fraction of what actually goes on in the vast galaxy of New Eden.

Recollections: Oh shit! They have mates!

Sometime in 2012 I was living in Wormhole space with my small corp of real-life friends with whom I play Eve and other games. We had a C2 with C2/HS statics and were getting into the routines of w-space living. The daily scanning, bookmarking and chain scouting had been taken care of and myself, Tak and Hett were on mumble just shooting the shit and generally not doing a whole bunch of anything that could be considered productive.

Ever vigilant however as wormhole living requires you must be the call suddenly went up that there were some frigs on scan. A quick D-scan determined they most likely were on the C2 wormhole so we leapt into action. Within moments both Tak and Hett were in warp, cloaked and in Stealth Bombers, aiming to land at 30km from the wormhole: perfect bombing range.

At this point I’m in warp back to the POS to swap my Buzzard for something capable of laying down some damage. My bomber alt is out of the hole at this point and my main didn’t have the required skills to fly one so I jumped into a Legion thinking I’ll just warp in to help pick off any after-bomb stragglers as the bombers might have trouble putting down DPS on frigates.

Tak and Hett both land, align, decloak and launch their bombs to reasonable success. Of the six frigates on the C2 wormhole three died there and then. The remaining frigates, perhaps momentarily surprised to what had happened, hesitated while Tak and Hett, war cries echoing out over mumble burn towards the hole in case they try jump out. Sure enough the hole pulses as the remaining frigates jump out. Needless today, we pursued. As Tak and Hett jump through I am in warp to the hole in my Legion.

Grid loads on the other side for Tak and Hett who both immediately start to lock up the frigates and flight torpedoes their way. I land on the other side of the wormhole and activate. Suddenly the cry goes up from Hett: “Oh shit! They have mates! Lock em and shoot em, they’re in Battleships!”.

Moments later both of them are in their pods wondering what happened: How did battleships kill two frigates that quickly. I load grid in my legion and realise, at the same time as the others, what we’d thought was the C2 was actually a high-sec wormhole. We’d just chased them back through into Dodixie of all places. The ‘mates’ were Concord. We’d tried to engage Concord battleships in two stealth bombers.

It was quite lucky that I’d had to reship to the Legion and wasn’t already in it or we’d be looking at a 500mil Legion loss along side the two 50mil bombers. Many laughs were had while I scooped the loot and we retreated back into the safety of our wormhole shaking our proverbial fist at those who dared to trespass into our space.

Afterwords Hett did say when he tried to engage the safety warning popped up. This was just after that particular feature was introduced to Eve and, given that we’d been living exclusively in wormholes, we hadn’t actually ever used it. In Hetts own words: “I tried to shoot him and this safety message popped up. I thought ‘what the fuck is this safety pish! Disable! Disable!'”.

What I like to imagine what happened on the other side was a player with a bit of experience was giving an educational tour of wormhole space to some new players (most of the players we engaged were actually fairly new). Upon jumping in and admiring the scenery their tour was cut short by some hostile locals. They, naturally, jumped back to safety. Suddenly the wild locals appeared continued engaging them, at the expense of their own ships. These guys must be mad. Wormhole space must be really dangerous.

It brings into mind this famous picture:



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