In which I mix up my screens and lose a shiny frigate in Hek

This is a short one, it literally just happened. I feel like I may be a bit of an idiot.

So I was going through my assets looking for stuff to trash (all those rookie ships) and what I wanted couriered around to try consolidate some of my stuff. Lo-and-behold I found a Daredevil. I remember winning it on Somer Blink ages ago but I couldn’t use tech II hybrids at that time and didn’t want to waste it.

Now I can. Superb. I hop in it and fly it up to Hek. I’m flashy but in a fast frigate your usually ok. I have insta-undocks in Hek for just such an occasion. On my way up to Hek as I jump from Resbroko to Huor I spot a potential gate camp so I make a note to bring a scout up and check its still there before I try come back through, just in case.

I have a great time fitting up the daredevil, marvelling at the insane DPS you can squeeze out of such a small ship. With a 200% bonus to hybrid turret damage I was able to bring over 370DPS to the party. A party which, no doubt, would be short. The Daredevil also gets a bonus to web strength so I splashed out a little and got a Dread Guristas Stasis Web, with the extra 10% plus the 20% bonus of the ship my targets should be practically immobile. I also grabbed a Domination 1MN Afterburner to give my own speed a little boost. If you’re going to go flash, may as well do it properly (this is how I ended up with a rather stupid 700mil Manticore but that’s another story).

Alright, a few rigs and we’re ready to rock back down to the safety of lowsec. Let me log in my alt and check the Huor/Resbroko gate to be on the safe side. I’m nattering away on our comms whilst this is going on and not really paying attention to things. Alt logged in, awesome. Click undock and look, awesome: my alt is only one jump from Huor. Let me just click to warp to that gate: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20315362 and of course http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20315293

Took me a good few seconds to even comprehend what had happened. Instead of undocking my alt I’d just undocked the shiny, still-has-the-wrapper-on-it Daredevil and, rather than warping to my insta-undock. I tried to do a 170 degree about turn and warp off to a gate.

*sigh* Lesson: recommended to check you’re undocking the correct character before you undock into a busy trade hub with a flashy ship.

It’s a shame because the poor Daredevil didn’t even get a chance to be used. It sat in storage for all this time, waiting for its chance. It finally thought it was going to get it and it got blown up due to the incompetence of its pilot. Sorry Daredevil. Will do better next time.


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