In which I learn the difference between corp mates and alliances

I’ve wrote before about how I lost my first moderately blingy Daredevil due to my lack of competence with this game. It was a shame and I never even got to use that Daredevil so I decided I had to buy another one to make up for it.

I bought it and all the modules on a hauler alt and ushered it down to lowsec before building it and slipping into the pilots pod dock.

It’s a lovely ship the Daredevil. I tested it out a few times on corp mates so we could see how strong the webs were (answer: very). With a 10% bonus to the velocity factor of stasis webs per Minmatar frigate level plus a faction web you can really piss in someone’s cereal. With max skills and the Dread Guristas web I was able to bring someone to around 18% of their top speed. If you splurge and get the Federation Navy web you can pull them down to around 3.4% of their top speed. That’s akin to flying into a brick wall.

These faction webs have a bonus to range too meaning, with heat, you can apply that web out to 16km.

 Combine that with the 200% damage bonus to small hybrid turrets and you’ve got a deadly little ship capable of putting out nearly 400dps. If something gets within web range, it’s probably going to die.

I had it out a few times but the problem is people tend to avoid getting caught one-on-one with a Daredevil since they know the damage it can cause. I did have a few choice engagements, one in particular springs to mind against two pirates. Both were in Kitey ships, a Slicer and a Thrasher. There was two of us in Daredevils and a newer player in a T1 frigate. What followed was a dance between the two sides with the Kiters trying to separate us and pick us off while we tried to snag them with our webs. One of them passed within 1km of my web range once when I tried a sneaky slingshot style move on him. In the end, we both knew too much to get caught by the other side but it was an interesting and tactical engagement, without any kills on either side.

I also blew up a cyno ship with it on a station undock due to my policy of ‘NTTS – No Target Too Small’. But that’s hardly ‘elite PvP’ is it.

Due to the web strength we were trying to determine if it’d be possible to catch a kiting WMDing Interceptor. Theoretically the downfall of this ship is kiting ships (and incompetent pilots) but with a decent little afterburner and those insane webs most kiting ships can be caught with a good slingshot.

An interceptor would be one of the hardest to do this with so me and a corp mate were on our undock playing around. I almost snagged him a few times but he was able to dart back out of range every time.

Another pilot joined us outside the station in a Stabber. There was talk of ‘could the Daredevil take the Stabber’? I decided to find out so webbed the Stabber and prepared to activate my guns when I got to optimal. The Stabber fired a volley at me that wiped out my shields in one go. ‘No worries, I’m armour tanked but that was a hell of a blast, good damage’ I thought. Then the next volley took me into low armour and I realised it wasn’t the Stabber shooting me, but the station guns. This pilot, while blue, was in my alliance not my corp. The third volley hit as I realised this and tried to warp to the sun. It took me to low structure. There was a brief moment when I thought I might get away before I levelled up into my pod.

Bollocks: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=20457154

I’ve decided to fly cheaper ships again for a while until I can be trusted with the more expensive ones. I had a great fight the other day in a dual rep Incursus against two Tristans. It was an enjoyable and challenging fight and, the best thing, my ship cost 1/15 the price of the Daredevils.


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