The Bastards gank a Twitch streamer

So this isn’t so much about being ‘bad’ in the technically inept sense of the word. It’s more ‘bad’ as in devious bastards. 

Interestingly enough, my corp is called The Bastards. We’re a lowsec piracy PvP corp primarily but we’ll do anything fun. 

Tonight was a quiet night and I was on my way to bed when Takeda Kashada mentioned in our WhatsApp group that there was a twitch streamer offering to do 1 shot for every viewer. Naturally he tweeted about it and, of course, I retweeted, grabbed my laptop and join the stream. He was reasonably new to the game and was streaming himself doing level 1 missions in his trusty Catalyst. 

Before long we were joined by Marco Drack, Punker Adagear and Anabaric. A plan quickly formed to welcome poor Atlas Tsurpalen to Eve in proper Bastards fashion. 

Gank catalysts were quickly thrown together from our stock of many and handed out and a convoy of dirty, flashy pirates set out 16 jumps through dangerous high sec space. 

It was at this point subtle hints started to be dropped in the Twitch stream chat. Talking about how the Catalyst was a great ganking ship and linking things like the Jaws theme. 

For most Eve players highsec means safety but for a pirate, its the most dangerous place. It’s a place where everyone, even the NPCs, will hunt you down mercilessly. We lost one Catalyst on the way to a lucky passerby who managed to snag Marco and a second to the faction police when I DC’d and logged back in to find that the fuzz will still chase you down if you ewarp. 

Replacements quickly sourced we lay in wait in the station he was collecting his missions from. 

Feeling a bit worse for wear thanks to all the new viewers and his ‘1 shot per viewer’ policy, he was considering throwing in the towel. Punker generously offered him 40,000,000 ISK in the stream chat to do just one more combat mission. The only mission available wasn’t a combat mission but he agreed he’d do that first then do that final combat mission. 

We sat in station and waited for him to disappear from the list of docked pilots. As soon as we saw him we all undocked and *blap*:


I was a little slow due to doubleclicking my undock button without realising for a moment so, although I got him locked, I wasn’t able to cycle my guns. I docked back up before the fuzz could get me again. A minute or so passed as we watched it on the stream which was delayed by 10-15 seconds before I realised that he was just sitting at the gate. I undocked and warped to it hoping I’d catch him in the next system if he’d jumped. I landed on gate with his pod still sitting there and, of course, *blap*:


Welcome to Eve Online 

The streamer in question was Zeros Lets Play:


He was a great sport about it and we all had a laugh with him on comms after. His stream was great and I’d highly recommend checking it out and giving him a watch. It might be a bit more difficult to gank him in the future though. 


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