In which I lose a 3b genolution pod

So I’m one of those people that bought the collectors edition because I love shit like that. I mainly wanted the symphony soundtrack and the artbook but the extra niceties like the Genolution implant set were appreciated. 

I’d never really used expensive implants and, somehow, had managed to make it 4 years without having a single jump clone so I didn’t use them straight away. 
After getting some JCs sorted thanks to one of the guys in my corp who owns a Rorqual I decided to go all in and put the Geno set in. 

It was glorious. Ships became so easy to fit in all sorts of interesting ways. I got the +3 training benefits with the combat benefits of the genos at the same time meaning I basically just sit in the geno set all the time. This suits my lazyness well. 

It was all going great until today, in my trusty Venture of Death. I started a solo roam before hooking up with some others. We were already out so I just stuck with the awesome Venture. We had a few fights here and there and eventually engaged a fleet. I was maybe halfway through my shields when, all of a sudden “CAPSULE EJECTED”. 

Normally when I know I’m going down I switch to my pod saver tab and warp to something random. This time, because I died so quickly from seemingly good health I didn’t have my pod saver tab ready. In a fateful moment I broke the number one rule: I warped to the sun. At zero.

Of course, this time there just happened to be a smartbombing proteus sitting at 0 as I landed. Pop: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=22327040

Fair well Genolutions. You’ve served me well. 


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