Frigate PvP Episode 2 – Solo Venture

The Venture really is a great ship. I has a whole bundle of both CPU and power grid meaning you can fit it in all sorts of interesting ways. It has the added bonus that people don’t really expect successful PvP in a Venture so will try engage when the wouldn’t otherwise.

The built in stabs is a two sided sword, some people know of them and won’t bother engaging because they know you can just warp off. On the other hand, this ship is really only for solo PvP, against multiple ships the odds drop off spectacularly. If you are fighting someone and the inevitable blob warps in to kick your Venture loving face in you can just quickly warp off and live to fight another day. While I would never fit an actual PvP ship with stabs as you have to fit them in favour of something else, the Venture has them built in already so you may as well use them.

The fits I used in this video are a dual MSE blaster venture. The single low slot leaves literally no point trying to armor tank it so I just put a magstab in to maximize the DPS. No prop mod is a bit of a pain but with the two MSE you get almost 5k HP in the in-game fitting window. Overheat your blasters and add some Hobgob IIs and you can reach around 160dps quite easily.

I also used a fit with a single MSE, 1mn AB, autocannons and a small neut. This fit is great for engaging cap heavy ships like Amarr ships. The Venture has a shit load of capacitor two so its cap stable at like 87% with all running.

I encourage you all to go out, grab some Ventures, fit them up whatever way you like and go out and pewpew.


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