In which we’re not bad for a change

So yesterday there was a couple of us on comms and we decided to go on a little frigate roam. It was mainly myself, Johnny Twelvebore, Dwaigon Aumer and a new potential recruit for the Meatshields Kae Tlynn. Being a bunch of cheapskates we took T1 frigates. 

I took my trusty dual rep Incursus and it was decided I’d be scout and bait since I had the biggest tank and the lowest sense of self preservation. Johnny was in a Tormentor that he just ‘found’ in his assets and decided why not. Dwaigon was in a tanky Merlin and Kae was bringing the bling with a Slicer. 

Not long into the roam I spotted a plex with a Tristan and a Punisher in it. More obvious bait there could not be. However I have a policy that if it flies it dies so I told the others to standby on the other side of the gate and wait until I got tackle. I warped in and found the Punisher on zero with the Tristan about 6km off in an orbit. It was obvious the Punisher would be brick tanked and the Tristan would most likely be neuting if its at that sort of range so I fired off a cycle on my WMD to close distance on the Tristan, pointed it, started shooting and called in the troops.

My dual rep Incursus was tanking nicely while keeping the Tristan firmly in its grasp as my internet spaceship cavalry came thundering across a very long warp. As they were just about to land on the outside a Vengence landed in the plex. Bother. With the combined DPS of a Tristan, Punisher and a Vengence I was only able to hold out long enough for the others to get in and get points before exploding into a glorious ball of hero fire. 

The others managed to kill the Tristan and the Vengence before they also joined Club Pod. A decent fight all round but T1 frigs are no match for Assault Frigates right. Right? 

We reshipped and continued our roam. Before long I spotted a lone Fed Navy Comet in a plex and declared it was time for it to die. I warped in and got tackle on it. I proceeded to bring the pain as the back up jumped into system and warped to me. At almost the same time as they landed a Jaguar and a Retribution landed. Uh oh. 

Kaes’ Slicer unfortunately landed within 2km of the Retribution which quickly scrammed her and made short work. A scrammed Slicer is a dead slicer. 

Never the less I told everyone to spread points and overheat on the Comet to try burn him down before we died. Both the Jaguar and the Retribution were laying into me. I kept dipping further and further into structure with both reps overheated, cap booster barely making its recharge in time. A little manual flying to pull some range probably kept me alive. The enemies made the easy mistake of continuing to try burn me down rather than switch target which gave us invaluable time to finish the Comet and switch to the Retribution. 

At this point they swapped from me to Dwaigon but he was also in a fairly tanky little frigate. He quickly pulled range and they switched back to me. The small gap was probably again enough to save me as it allowed my cap booster to reload and both my armor reps to cycle bringing me back up to nearly full armor. I was sub 20% structure but if you’re not on fire you’re not doing it right. The Retribution died soon after. 

As he was going down a Wolf landed on grid too. We pointed him and set to work on the Jaguar. Now by this point the fight has been going for nearly 5 minutes. I’m running low on cap charges and most of my mods are close to burning out. The others are also getting into quite bad states but we still manage to burn the Jaguar and switch to the Wolf. Just as we start working on the Wolf short range d-scan lights up with about 4 more Assault Frigs so we decided its time to GTFO and successfully all manage to warp out, flames spewing out of every orifice. 

In a fight between three T1 frigs with a slicer Slicer vs a Comet with three Assault Frigs the final tally was 

Us: one Slicer down
Them: Comet and two AFs down


I’d say we did pretty damned well there. The guys in the fleet followed commands brilliantly as well as thinking for themselves and not just blindly orbiting pressing F1. It goes to show what a bit of skill and good piloting can do when fighting what, on paper, should be quite a one sided battle. The Royal Pirates (The other pilots) made a few mistakes like continuing to shoot me rather than swap targets and then doing eventually swapping too late. They also seemed a bit uncoordinated with different people arriving at staggered times. It was a great fight though and we really enjoyed it.  


It was only after both Johnny and I realised we had our screen recording programs on but not recording. I guess we are still bad after all.


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