The Ballad of an Angry Russian

So a while ago when flying around near our home in Auner we came across a pilot called FLK. He flew a linked blingy Keres to great effect and we had a few scraps with him from time to time. As a result, we invited him to fly with us a few times.

When he was in our fleets we learned that he didn’t fly so well with others. He tried taking command of the fleet and bossing people around which went against our chilled out way of doing things. As we didn’t enjoy flying with him we stopped inviting him to our fleets. He seemed to take this as a personal slight and starting insulting us in local, following us and generally being a bit butthurt.

We responded to this in the only way we could: we scanned down his link ship, flown by his alt, Nikki Rider, and killed it. FLK was not happy.

The local trash talk increased and we were informed he was moving a 100 man Russian alliance down to camp us into the station so we could never leave.

One day, sure enough, there was a large station camp on our undock. Faction battleships, ECM, logi, HACs and all sorts. They’d sit on the station all day trying to get us to undock and engage. We, being not stupid, were not going to engage in a situation where we were not only outnumbered 2-1 but also, non of them are flashy while we all are. This means we’d be fighting them, their ECM and logi and the station guns unless they derped.

What could we do? Unfortunately for them bubbles don’t work in lowsec and we mainly roam in frigates anyway. We’d simply get our frigate fleet together, undock, warp away to our insta-undocks and go off on a roam leaving them camping an empty station. This annoyed FLK.
He’d follow us up the pipe spouting abuse in local because we wouldn’t engage him and his mercenaries. Oh did I forget to say? Pirate corps talk, we heard through the grapevine (and confirmed by talking to one of the campers) that FLK had paid them a significant amount of ISK to camp us in and kill us. The mercs were getting a bit pissed that they’d been sitting all weekend and hadn’t managed a single kill or really disrupted our days.

We even undocked a carrier from time to time and let them shoot it. They’d shoot and bump it for ages until it was low armor then we’d just dock again. Also, protip: if you’re trying to bump someone off the undock it helps not to web them down with 5-6 webs at the same time.

One time we decided to go on a cruiser roam with logi. We had 8 T1 cruisers and 2 T1 logi. Many of the cruisers were flown by Meatshields who had never flown cruisers in fleets before. Not long into the roam FLK and his mercs turned up in 6 battlecruisers with T2 logi, a Falcon and two Griffins. They managed to get the jump on us on a gate and, once more due to us being flashy and them not, we’d be at a disadvantage. One of the Meats made a mistake and got himself agressed. Suddenly he was taking a shed load of damage. Johnny Twelvebore, one of the logi pilots just managed to save him long enough to let him jump the gate and escape after the rest of the fleet. Somehow in this all Johnny also got the gate jump timer and started taking damage. I was in the other T1 logi and, with liberal application of overheating stuff, managed to pull him out of structure so he could hold until he jumped also. I followed quickly and we docked up to reform.

The Russians set up camp outside the station we were in and FLK was asking why we wont engage? After all, it was 10 v 10 wasn’t it? Of course, he wasn’t counting his cloaked up falcon and off-grid Griffins, nor the station guns. We let him sit and rage outside the station at us for a few minutes before we simply undocked in pods, warped to a newly created insta, popped over a few systems, grabbed our frigate fleet and went off to continue our roam.

Naturally FLK wasn’t happy and followed us back spewing abuse in local.

This continued on and off for a while with FLK expending a lot of time and effort trying to kill us and mostly failing.

Yesterday, for example, a few of us were online and messing around on our undock testing ships when FLK warped in at 180km in his Vigilant and started chatting shit in local once more. I happened to be in my 200km optimal sniper Apoc so I started locked him up to a ‘ooo scary’ in local from FLK. When I volly’d him into armor then two volly’d him to low armor he suddenly changed his tune and ran away back to his station.
When he docked we quickly undocked an Arazu, warped it out to near where he was and cloaked it. Sure enough, he came back. This time in an Ishtar. Our Arazu, piloted by Lord Lazyghost, slowboated to within his long point range of 80km, decloaked and snagged him. I then started blapping him from around 180km away. This time he couldn’t get away. Lazy managed to get in his long scram range and really stop the Ishtar from moving.

To be fair to him, he was tanking well against Lazys drones and my Apoc. In order for the meats to help Lazy started working on his drones and we got a few frigs out to really help hold him down. I was running low on cap so started cycling my guns on and off to keep him using up his cap charges. In the meantime Johnny Twelvebore undocked in a MJD domi and hopped out to him. Once Johnnys drones were on him I started firing again and he went down rapid: https://zkillboard.com/kill/39179409/


FLK was not happy. He came back in his Vigilant and, this time, kept moving fast to avoid the Arazu. Dwaigon in a Stilletto almost had him. He web/scrammed the Vigilant but FLK was able to use the web bonus to just coast out of Dwaigons scram range and WMD away again. He warped off and back but this time sat at 600km moving slower. Johnny had his probes out now so we were able to warp Dwaigon and Kae in a Stilletto and Slicer out to him. They got him pointed and we warped in to him with a Rapier to hold him down and two AHACs to blap him. He died: https://zkillboard.com/kill/39179875/


He then came back in an Astarte and hugged the station spewing stuff in local. He tried shooting at my Zealot and bumping it. He wasn’t very good at it so I just docked when I was hitting low armor and repaired. Just as we did that Lazy undocked his Domi. At the moment Domis are crazy. With Geckos pre patch he was putting out around 1900dps. FLK was still agressed obviously and started to melt. He managed to dock up in low armor.

He then undocked in a pod, warped away and refused to come out and play anymore while still spouting off in local.

This has been the ongoing Ballad of an Angry Russian and we look forward to many more tears to come.


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