The Ballad of some nice Russians

After last night (See this post) where we had some great fun killing FLK I logged in to find his Russian mercs (Shovel of Death) were in system.

During the day, while I was at work I was getting updates in our super-secret Whatsapp group of Lord Lazyghost sitting on our undock in his Domi teasing the Russians. At one point they’d dropped a Nag just to try kill his domi. Naturally within a few minutes we managed to persuade SC to drop a bunch of SC dreads on the Nag. Due to the timing they landed as the Nag was coming out of siege. Lord Lazyghost had a moment and forgot to point the Nag and it warped off. Oops. Egg on our face there.

No matter. I got home, did my errands and then hopped online to join the fun. We chased around a few ships here and there while being chased around ourselves. Known Associate got a hero point on a Hawk: https://zkillboard.com/kill/39193298/

At this point we noticed there was a Tengu and Basilisk on scan. Figuring he was doing missions we quickly got some probes out. In we went in a bunch of frigs to try get tackle with Lazy following in a DPS Thorax. Unfortunately he was on the ball and warped off almost as we landed. Lazy managed to lose his Thorax to rats because they scram. We lol’d.

The Tengu came back to the site so I undocked my Arazu and sent it in cloaked. Unfortunately because I’m bad at Eve I forgot about the Arazu decloak delay and messed up my point on the outside of the gate. Oops. Happily though some Meats and my alt were landing in frigs and went in for Hero Tackle. My Arazu followed them in and got them pointed. It’s a pure BLOPs hunter killer fit and I hadn’t got round to putting drones in it so I had no DPS at all. Like I say, I’m bad.

We were holding him waiting for Lazy to turn up in his Caracal to bring some actual damage in. We killed the Basilisk: https://zkillboard.com/kill/39193401/ and started working on the Tengu. Thankfully the rats decided that the Tengu was the primary and basically did our job for us: https://zkillboard.com/kill/39193414/ Thanks rats. We owe you a pint.

Lazy scooped the delicious loot from the Tengu and, with about 450m in his hold, promptly died to the rats again. We lol’d. The loot fairy was on our sides today and the 4 Caldari Navy Ballistic Control Systems (90m a pop) dropped again. The rats were still being douchebags so me and Known went in with Ventures to try get the loot. In we went to realise we didn’t have wrecks on our overview and couldn’t find them. We flew around a bit distracting the rats and chasing off the tengu pilot in his tristan while we had someone slowboat over in a bomber to get the loot.

Safely docked up we were feeling quite good when we noticed the same pilot was undocked in another Tengu. Site? Can’t be that daft? No, he’s on a station. Lets go have a look at him. Hmm, he’s aggressing us. I fear this may not end well. I undocked in my trusty Stabber and joined the fray. The frigs kept short point while I wizzed around at range keeping the Deimos and Stabber Fleet well out of point range of me. The frigs kept the Tengu busy while Lazy got his Domi out and started warping over. Just before he landed our hero tackle frig died. I overheated my WMD and burned straight at the Tengu to keep him pointed, basically sailing right into the Deimos and the HAMs coming from the Tengu. I was able to hold him until he was in low structure and died just as the Tengu died: https://zkillboard.com/kill/39194367/

One of our newest Meats Cap’nCottontail was completely on the ball and managed to scoop the Tengu loot and dock before we even noticed what happened. Good man.

Of course it had all been going so swimmingly so it was about time for a derp. Lazy got a bit cheeky and decided to undock his Domi and agress the Stabber Fleet. Naturally thats when the Thanatos undocked and blapped him: https://zkillboard.com/kill/39194444/

You win some, you lose some. At the end of the day we killed much more than we lost and had good fun doing so. Teamwork was required to pull this off and the Meats all performed excellently.

We had a chat with these guys after in local and they were all perfectly pleasant. GFs were exchanged and a little light-hearted ribbing but mostly the chat was friendly. It goes to show that we shouldn’t tar all the people in a corp by the actions of one person (FLK). Even those guys basically stated outright they didn’t like FLK and would laugh if he was banned.

Who knows, maybe in the future we could be friendly enemies. We run a purple > red policy and regularly fleet up with reds/orange people. If you’re on a friendly basis with us, we’ll still try kill you but we’ll say hello while we’re doing so. On the flip side, if you need help we’ll come help you.


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