Defending Our Home!

Eric Shang continues the Ballad of an Angry Russian

Eric Shang - The New Pirate of Eve Online

We have been slated in local by Russians for the last 2-3 Months now and our policy was pretty simple. Ignore them and just let them say what they want.

We will go roam out of Auner and will enjoy ourselves in what low security has to offer and will just not partake in their local talk.

An account of what has happened so far up to yesterday can be read here: The Ballad of an Angry Russian

It’s a very funny read and my diary continues from this.

You see I am a very protective person. So when someone spews in local about how bad we are for not engaging them in their out classed and linked ships you can guess that I get a bit annoyed.

You see from the start of my pilot life Auner has been my home.

I know no other home so this person…

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