In which I almost kill an Algos with a Atron

So we’ve recently moved house for a bit of a holiday so shoot some new people for a change.

I’m terrible at logistics and moving my stuff. It’s taken me ages to build up a collection of ships and mods in our main BOO (Base Of Operations, see I can use technical terms too) that is extensive enough to fit ships and go roaming. Occationally vital stuff runs out and I haul some more in. It works for me. I have lots of random stuff too because I come up with fits in EFT, declare them to be the best thing ever and, convinced of my fitting prowess, I bring in lots to fit up and use.

When the fit turns out to be terribad I end up with misc modules and ammo scattered around my hanger. Sometimes it is repurposed but usually I forget what I already have and bring more stuff I already have in. *sigh*

Now, having just moved I of course brought a bunch of hulls up ready to use. Modules, on the other hand, no so much. I forgot to bring any. No problem, I thought, I’ll just borrow a ship from the corp hanger for now. Hmm, only Atrons. I’ve never really flown an Atron, OWFIWN (Oh well, fuck it, why not).

I undock and start to roam around. Before long I spot an Algos in a plex. Normally an Algos would be a pretty bad idea for a fragile scram/kite AB blaster fit Algos. But I have to go out soon and would rather die in a ball of glorious fire than dock up and admit defeat. You lose 100% of the fights you don’t take.

He’s in a small plex, probably sitting on the button. I’ll have to deal with drones first obviously. I activate and get ready. Sure enough he’s on the button. I quickly lock, scram and start to orbit him at 7km AB on. I switch to drones and start web/blaping them. On the last cycle of my AAR I remember to turn of auto-reload (I’m not entirely bad sometimes). I’m in low structure but he’s almost out of drones. I kill the last one, victory assured.

I turn off my AB as he’s slow and I’m low on cap and begin plinking away at him. He’s not firing anything at me which I notice but don’t quite click at the time. In hindsight it was most likely because he had a rack of neuts fitted. He’s taking quite a while to go down as he’s repping. I decide to switch to close range ammo and orbit him at 1000m to take him down faster. As soon as I’m within neut range I suddenly have no cap and he warps away.


That would have been a good kill. Lesson learned, if someone isn’t shooting at you there’s probably a very good reason. If I’d stayed out at 7km and just kept chewing away at him he’d eventually have gone down and I would have had an awesome solo kill. Oh well.


2 thoughts on “In which I almost kill an Algos with a Atron

  1. We have so much in common after all. I have exactly the same kind of hangar “management” system and have lost an awesome kill as well because of the same reason. Good to be resubbing, now you will have a terrible at EVE partner!

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