Freighter bait best bait

I occasionally, with the help of a Rapier, bring my freighter into our lowsec home system to drop a load of supplies off rather than leave them next door to be trickled in. Since we are literally one jump out of high sec it’s not that much danger if the system is clear since it’s gate to station and back again. With a Rapier webbing it’s only about 5-8 seconds of vulnerability.

Yesterday I undocked from our lowsec station and noticed the highsec gate was actually almost an insta-undock. Sweet, I thought and clicked “jump”.
The Providence lumbered into warp almost immediately just as I also noticed it wasn’t the highsec I was warping to, but another lowsec. I spammed control-space to stop the ship but it was too late. Away we went, hurtling across space in a massive defenceless space truck.

I spoke up on comms, rather calmly I may add as some guys were out on a roam not too far away. “Uhh, guys if you could make your way back to Isho as soon as possible that’d be just great.”
It was at this point I explained what I had just done. Once the laughing died down they started heading back towards me.

It was a long warp, 50 or so AU so plenty of time to reflect on my own silly mistake. Heading towards gate I noticed a Loki on d-scan. A quick check on comms confirmed it wasn’t ours. Great. I started landing just as the Loki also did on the gate. Spamming control-space to stop so I didn’t jump even deeper into lowsec I eyed him suspiciously.
Sure enough, when the bukly freighter swung round to aling back to the safey to highsec he yellow boxed me.


He yellow boxed me for quite a while, moving around well within scram range. Meanwhile a corpmate in a Rapier was hurtling towards me, already decloaked to web as soon as possible. He landed just after the Loki unlocked me and jumped out. Just then my warp drive activated and I sailed off to safety once more.

It leads me to think that the only reason he didn’t point or at least bump a lone freighter in lowsec is he must have assumed it was bait, especially if he saw the Rapier on scan.

Might have to try moving stuff around lowsec in a freighter more often then.


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