Thoughts on Phoebe so far

Right, Phoebe: much debated on, many tears, lots of celebration. What do I think from the persective of a small lowsec piracy corp.

We like it. It’s great, the bee’s knees as they say. A number of us have had capitals either left over from our days in Shadow Cartel or even older that have sat rusty in their hangers, un-used due to the fact that pre-Phoebe a small capital group would be dropped on almost instantly. This was especially true because we were living within single jump distance of Amamake and Pandemic ‘we drop supers on anything’ Legion.

In fact, once we spotted cyno Arbitrator on our undock. Marco Drack undocked a Harbinger to blow it up and I was just about to undock my Abaddon. When he started pew pewing PL dropped 5 Nyxs and an Aeon, to kill a single Harbi. They did of course, then cyno’d out again. We decided to have another crack at the Arbitrator and undocked again, aligned off and started blasting. This time twelve archons came in to rep it while we warped off.

Now, with the jump fatigue mechanic groups like PL are much less likely to drop supers just like that as the jump in and then almost immediately back out will leave them fatigued for a not insignificant amount of time. Now, before dropping a single battlecrusier they’re likely to hesitate and wonder if it’s worth the fatigue. If the super pilots are logging off soon after then they may still drop but I’d wager others who want to play for a while longer wont risk high fatigue in case something bigger crops up.

From our perspective this means the ability to start taking out bigger ships again without the worry of getting dropped. Their is always the risk of getting blobbed but that’s just life. Personally I’m looking forward to being able to drop in a single or maybe two triage carriers into a small BS fleet like old times. In the week since we’ve had three engagements that involved a single capital. So far no caps down but that may change.

Smaller groups are already feeling safer bringing out lone capitals, this can only be a good thing. Sure it makes logistics a bit more difficult, as one of our members who forgot to move his stuff before Phoebe hit has found out. But that’s not always a bad thing. If anything, caps out longer and moving slower is only going to create more content.


In short, we like it.


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