Awoxing, good night sweet prince

In EVE there is an activity known as Awoxing. It is named after a character, ‘Awox’ who popularised a particular style of play. Put simply, Awoxing means to join a player corporation and use the rights of being in that corporation to exploit and/or kill corpmates.

In Highsec, shooting another person who is not suspect/a criminal will get you rapidly concorded by our friendly neighbourhood space police. Shooting corpmates is excempt for this rule allowing someone to join a corp and set about killing members/assets with impunity. The fact that you can’t kick someone from corp unless they dock compounds this issue for the victims.

I, myself, have done some awoxing in the past. It was great fun, the thrill of infiltrating a corp, a wolf mascerading in highsec miners clothing. Working your way into position to strike and revealing yourself to be a dreaded awoxer, taking the assets, kills or money of those nieve enough to recruit you.

I, personally, think its a shame that awoxing is being killed off by allowing corps to disable the ‘concord won’t shoot you if you shoot your corpmates’ mechanic. I can see the benefit to CCP as many new players who join player corporations are unaware just how brutal EVE can be. That being said, hand holding them may help retain new players a little bit longer but they’ll still ahve to learn, usually the hard way, at some point.
Most people who have experienced and awox would be much more aware of it in the future. My thoughts is that, should a corp disable awoxing, there should be a manditory tax (say 10%) which goes to Concord. Spin the lore as Concord having to cover the costs of doing things they previously didn’t have to or something.

This would have a risk/reward balance as you can essentially block awoxing but at a cost. Or do you leave it as an option, risking your ships and assets for the higher returns? A decision each corp would have to make. I see scope for people to trick ‘awoxing banned’ corpmates into agressing them triggering concord/agression much like canflippers do now.

I have a couple of stories of my awoxing that are worth sharing so I’ll need to try sift through killmails and put together some words. Thoughts on the removal of awoxing?


One thought on “Awoxing, good night sweet prince

  1. A Player says:

    I wish they would leave it alone. I remember the thrill of starting in EVE, I was leaving my rookie system knowing that anyone could blap me. I was warping to gates at distance and checking them out, creating tacs (read about them from Azual’s blog), creeping around like it was low really. Then I made a little money on arbitrage by hauling in a T1, carfeully calculating isk/gank cost, checking dotlan and in-game kill numbers. But it was thrilling. It is literally a nerf to highsec, not in the sense of weakening it, but making a foam rubber safe version of it.

    At some point it won’t matter. The only thing that distinguishes EVE positively from other MMOs is the real openness, the freedom and power of players to create the world. On nearly every other front, it’s worse. So when you make it harder or impossible to scam, to awox, to gank, and especially when you tell everyone you won’t tell them the rules you’re going to use to decide who gets a perma-ban, not even a broad outline, that restricts players more and more to doing what they can have more fun doing in other games. If no one can shoot my T1 hauler and it’s just autopiloting for 45 minutes while I watch youtube, who cares? The little bit of isk didn’t really matter anyway, economically it always made more sense to plex for it. It’s the fun that mattered.

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