The Bastards go to war

At #EVE_NT myself, Nashh and Lord Lazyghost had a few drinks. While mildly intoxicated we were discussing ways to generate content when the idea came up that “We should declare war on Stay Frosty!”. This, we decided, was an excellent idea.


Some history: About four months ago, having bled the Auner area dry over the year or so the Bastards based there we were discussing the concept of moving. One of the reasons we picked Ishomilken is that it’s convenient access to Black Rise, a pvp hotspot. Another reason was it was the home of Stay Frosty, a pirate corp lead by space-famous Rixx Javix. As pilots SF members are known to be skilled in small gang and solo PvP with a willingness to fight for pride alone, not unlike ourselves.

We decided that moving in with the Frosties would be a great scenario as, as Frenemies, we could shoot each other in the face by day and back each other up if a bigger threat came knocking. Pirates help other pirates when they’re not busy violencing each other. This happened back when the Russians tried to evict us from Auner. Local pirate corps, normally mutually -10.0, assisted us in the fight. Should some evil Russian mercs try to evict SF I, for one, would have no issues helping them. Pirates 4 lyfe bro.

By declaring war we’ve taken the gloves off both sides, boosters hugging stations now isn’t really viable. Station games become a thing, even if people have positive sec status (according to Eve Who the average sec status of The Bastards corp (-8.0) and Alliance (-4.8) compared to Stay Frosty (-2.4) and A Band Apart (-0.3) )

A band apart are also listed as having over 500 members to our less than 100. If it comes to all out blob warfare then, I’m doubtful we can win, if we try to out-number them we’d most likely lose. Where we’ll have to win is tactically. Corps like Rooks n Kings are known for fighting outnumbered, and winning, with great use of tactics and skilled pilots. I’m not saying we’re RnK, hell, this blog is called I’m Bad At Eve. We’ve given ourselves a challenge, a challenge SF is already rising to. I heard yesterday Rixx put out a CTA and already ABA pilots are flooding into Isho.


We’re putting our money where our mouths are on this one and I’m looking forward to it. No doubt the SF guys will bring some true ‘gud fights’ over the next while. They’ll win some, we’ll win some. In the end, it’s content, and it’s in our own backyard. What more could you want.

Stand by for some truly excellent losses in the near future.


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