The Bastards vs A Band Apart – Day 1 recap

So I thought I’d recap what has happened so far today since the war went live at 1122 this morning. Obviously I won’t write a post every day because that’d be madness and, really, who the f**k would want to read all that anyway. Maybe I’ll write a post if anything major happens, who knows. I thought I’d write one about today since the first day is usually memorable.

I was off from work today as I am ill. I decided to log in from my laptop and eve from my bed for a while. Luxury. The war had started and I spotted a bunch of -ABA- frigates on scan, eight of them to just one of just one of me so I’ll take a small gun fitted Prophecy to pew pew and tank on their station. This was cut short when they simply undocked two Griffins and some cruisers/battlecruisers instead so I left and headed back to our home station.

They followed and proceeded to set up a minor camp on the undock, a bit of good natured smack in local took place with -ABA- calling for my immediate undock. The Huginn, Ruptures, griffins, atron, thorax and caracals vs me alone. I was feeling a touch outnumbered.

I undocked my trusty Brutix Navy and let them test my tank. It became apparent I could easily tank them for the 60 seconds that it took to wait out aggression. All that I needed was for one of the frigates to wonder into my web range. This didn’t take long and, lo, the first blood of the war was drawn. And second. And third. These kills were had by simply being patient and waiting for them to make mistakes. It didn’t help I was under two or three Griffins most of the time. A Falcon did pop up once or twice too. Every so often they would miss a jam as one of the frigates was getting in close to maximise his damage. When that situation arrived, blap, tank, dock, repeat.

An hour or so later I was joined by Known Associate, also in a Brutix Navy. The -ABA- gang swelled too, adding a Vexor and a Mauler to the mix as well as another Griffin. I was informed in local that they ‘have 200 Griffins to bring’.
The extra DPS wasn’t enough to break the BNI tank and it was, again, a simple matter of waiting for them to make a mistake and get too close. First it was the Maller. Getting wise they started pulling back and brought some logi. Now we have the same ships as before plus two Augorors, one flown by Mr Javix himself. The twin logi didn’t help when one of their Vexors got too close and agressed on a neutral third party Sigil.

Despite being outnumbered 16 to 2 so far it was 5-0 Bastards, it was only fair that -ABA- got a kill. One of our Meats, a new player, undocked to take a look and was volleyed by a Rupture. He learned about alpha strikes today. Congratulations to Wild Ai who, I believe, wins 50m for first blood by an -ABA- member. I’m not sure if there will be a prize for second blood but, at time of writing, that hasn’t happened yet so there is still time to consider it.

-ABA- continued to upship, bringing a Megathron, Neut Armageddon, Vexors, Confessor, Tornado, Oracle, Brutix and (not shown) the Falcon.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 20.33.41

It is, perhaps, worth noting, at this point we had three people. I guess we should feel flattered that -ABA- believe they require this many people. Personally I believe they are better than they give themselves credit for with this but we’ll see how this war continues. There were some more calls in local for us to stop ‘being cowards’, to undock and fight. Even if we wanted to die gloriously taking down as many as we could, this was dashed by the near permajamming. Now they had enough firepower to wear even a BNI down in less than 60 seconds so killing someone making a mistake would be harder, if possible at all now. We elected not to engage further while they had such overwhelming odds. The Geddon, piloted by Rixx, promptly plonked itself right on the undock itself and had constant reps on it from not just the two Augs but also a whole flight of heavy armor drones. Perhaps overkill. The rest of the ships retreated to 25-30km away from the undock, well out of ‘get snagged being silly’ range. They spent the next while trying, unsuccessfully, to bump us off the station. They got a few good bumps in, I’ll give them that, but none were able to push us off the docking ring.

Mr Spaxi managed to snag a lone Griffin out of range of his friends, he even got the pod. Bringing today’s score to 7-1 (or 100m to 6m).

I went to make dinner at this point and came back to find, despite being told we’d be “seeing a lot of the inside of stations” and “good luck leaving this station in the next week”, they’d gone. I’m not sure if it’s because there was now six of us online but I have suspicions.

We went out on a roam instead with a couple of cruisers which was reasonably uneventful with the highlight being a Battle Exequror kill. We did manage to run into a very large thrasher gank with ~30 Thrashers. It didn’t end well for Eito. It was fun though and today has been a good laugh. I enjoyed the challenge of fighting extremely outnumbered in a situation where I had no real advantage. My strategy was to wait patiently for the other side to make mistakes and catch them when they did. Simultaneously I had to be careful not to make any silly mistakes of my own as I would quickly lose my ship if I had.

Thanks for the fun -ABA-, I look forward to some more ❤



13 thoughts on “The Bastards vs A Band Apart – Day 1 recap

  1. So wardec already paid for itself and was definately worth it?

    Well blobbing is sort of rewarded this war with the promise of a bounty for each exploded wreck/pod (per ABA ship on the km!). So using ECM and spreading the love around to impoverish ABA leadership by whoring on killmails seems the financially most lucrative choice.

    Unfortunately not all Bastards warrant a bounty payout. Ben Dingo is not one of the 6 names on the bounty list. Your name is topping the list though. Coincidence?

  2. Kazume says:

    Loving the content so far, although I’d expected to get more for my effort returning from WH. Granted, the odds were unbalanced yesterday to make it a fair fight.

    Slightly disappointed by Mr Spaxi though

    [ 2015.02.12 20:42:22 ] Kazume Nakuo > Mr Spaxi there’s one thing I learned, and that is that BastArds are NEVER alone
    [ 2015.02.12 20:42:33 ] Mr Spaxi > You’ve learnt wrong then.
    [ 2015.02.12 20:42:36 ] Mr Spaxi > It’s never late.
    [ 2015.02.12 20:46:05 ] Kazume Nakuo > I ment learning from own experience

    So I tried to prove myself wrong (the only experience I have with BastArds up to this day is one of the blobby kind) and went to look for the Mr himself, only to find him dodging the fight. I hope he had waggro or something like that – so I can be sure he won’t run away next time 🙂

    Keep it up!

    • Thanks for the kind words bro.

      Just as an FYI, we have a policy in The Bastards of always honouring agreed upon 1v1s. If you and Spaxi agree to one, no one from BSTRD will step in. If one of our members doesn’t honour a 1v1 please let us know.

  3. Hmm, Kaz, I am not sure I’m following what you’re trying to say – the Bastards went out on a Cruiser roam while I remained in my Comet and went hunting Rixx, Tia and two others – I even pounced an opportunity while a lone Tristan was trailing behind his friends, got him into low structure before I had to warp off, as the rest of the gang was entering the PLEX. I’m afraid I didn’t even notice you were chasing me for a fight, as I kept looking for the Frosty gang until I had Known join me for a duo roam.

    If you were looking for a fight with me, I’m afraid you need to up your efforts, because never noticed you picking a fight.

  4. MR SPAXI is my hero says:

    So what it sounds like to me. Is you are very good at playing station games. Seems your plan is to tank, blap, dock. Very elite PvP I must say.

    If you don’t mind maybe I can get a toon into Bastards and play the same game. Oh wait that already happens in High Sec.

  5. Kazume says:

    Well, I’m a bit disappointed, that our chat is pushed the smack way here as well, cause I thought we were making good conversation. I might be a bit rusty just returning from WH space when it comes to engaging quickly, but playing station games? Only attacking when faced with 18-2 odds? Not really 🙂

    I don’t feel the need to prove anything though – my killboard speaks for itself …

    But why don’t we leave the smack for in-game local and keep it cool in here? 😉

    • Sorry you felt like that was smack, it wasn’t intended to be so. The previous poster was calling me out for not engaging fully, instead of station gaming.
      You know yourself ABA massively outnumbered us on grid and attempting to engage fully would be an almost certain way to lose ships. I’m not saying you guys only attack with overwhelming odds, just that in this case, you had them. I’m looking forward to getting to scrap with you guys in things like 5vs5 scenarios, I’m sure it’ll be great fun. As I wrote in my original blog, one of the reasons we started this war is we know you guys are good.

  6. Kazume says:

    Also: “When faced with 18-2 odds sometimes that’s all you can do I’m afraid”

    Unfortuntely very true … we were all pretty excited about going to war with the Bastards and at the time we had gathered in Ishomilken, there were only 3 Bastards online. You can’t blame them for not coming out to play against a bunch of itchy-trigger-finger ABAians (damn, Frosties sounds better, but need to keep it correct right?). I think you guys did rather well given the circumstances that night. Not much fun involved for us, but like said before, not much else left you can do …

  7. Kazume says:

    Oh haha, I thought that “smack” was directed to us Frosties 😛 Sorry, completely missed the poster’s point it seems …

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