The twitter war

I’ve spent the last few days dying in bed with a mysterious illness. I’ve really not felt up to getting online more than a couple times so I’ve restricted my participation of this war after day 1 to fighting the proxy twitter war.
One of the reasons I like Eve is that people, to an extent, play their characters. This extends onto things like Twitter where many pilots make dedicated accounts specifically for their character. Tweetfleet is an active way to tap into the Eve community with countless players, devs and CSM members all twittering away.

I started with a little twitter propaganda by tweeting this little poster I threw together in photoshop:

Needless to say this kicked off a bit of a twitter war. I overheated my twitter module and waded into the fight. Most of it has been fairly light hearted. Witmer even wrote a nice blog as a counterpoint to my previous post which I suggest you check out: http://theraorbust.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/aar-do-you-know-ship-you-are-flying.html

In local people have been friendly with gf’s exchanged and the standard silly smack talk that’s almost required. I’ve had not one, but two private mails from members of -ABA- saying that they are enjoying the war so far and to ‘keep up the good spirit in the war’.

In fact, the only person who seems to have taken a bit of a personal slight to the war is Mr Javix himself who has referred to us in local as ‘idiots’ and as ‘a small and relatively insignificant group of wanna-be’s’. On his blog he’s posting untruths which his own pilots tweet about knowing to be false. I’ll quote and dissect a small section to illustrate my point.

“And while I’m sure they would be the first to point out that they are ‘winning’ the war, totals right now stand at about double iskie – aprox 290m to 140m give or take. (Unless you throw in the cost of the War which means we are still ahead, 640m to 290m or so, and that 500m is every week. lolz )”
This was later tweeted by Joffy, a great SF pilot, to be greatly in error, a point Rixx ignored as it fits his anti-Bastard (not anti-ThisWar) stance.

He continues: “Which is all true. However, if we looked at straight Bastard Vs. Stay Frosty totals we are actually ahead by a nose. Y’know, if we ignored all the younglings scattered about on the floor. (We do out-number them about 5:1)”
This is a strange one to me. I’m not sure if Rixx is trying to say that the rest of A Band Apart aren’t good enough to be considered ‘fighters’, or that they’d just ‘getting in the way’. If we’re ignoring our young pilot losses then The Bastards have lost a grand total of 4 ships. However, in the Bastards we value our younger pilots and encourage them to get involved. We would never ‘discount’ their losses just because they’re newer, every loss is a learning opportunity. That our younger members have been successfully racking up kills, outnumbered and with little support is impressive and something to be commended.

More from Rixx: “And our younger combat pilots are getting a chance to fly in bigger gangs, learn station camping from our enemies, and watch as they run off unless they have the advantage.”
Again I’m a bit confused as Rixx said that they ‘learn station camping from our enemies” however it’s worth noting that the number of times The Bastards have camped a station during this war is sitting at a big fat zero. It literally has not happened. See my previous blog for stories of the Frosties camping 3 people with 18.

Finally he goes on to say rank us:

The Bastards: D-
Seriously. Just undock, fly around, and eventually we’ll catch you.”

Right now, as I write this, literally right this very second I’m sitting orbiting their station at 100km in an Omen Navy. I’ve been here, in system, most of the day. So far only one SF member has bothered to undock and try to engage. He lost an Atron a touch predictably but he then brought out a sniper Harpy and we had a fun scrap with each trying to lock the other down. Neither of us won that one but it was good fun.
A few more ABA guys logged in, up to 8 at one point so myself and Derothar decided to park ourself outside their station and announce in local we were here if they wanted to play. Two on eight, seemed fair odds. Joffy popped out a few times in his Huigin but he was alone. No one else wanted to play.

During the war time where we’ve apparently not undocked we’ve been on three frigate roams and one cruiser roam. A cruiser roam should be easy to catch, in fact we spotted a gang of SF frigs (outnumbering us approx 10 to 4) and turned the roam around to see if they wanted to fight. They avoided us completely.

Today I found out we were being called out, “Even though those two are never actually on-line or in space anywhere”, the two refers to Nashh who is currently on holiday in real life. I was a bit amused to read this considering I’ve been online in my bed a few times during the day, roaming around in my Omen Navy or frigs, I’ve been on this evening, last night and the first evening, in fact I have at least six kills to my own name in this war compared to Rixx’s single kill.

The only time I’ve actually seen Rixx undocked was when he was sitting in an Armageddon, within docking range, with two Augorors capping/repping him and a flock of armor drones on him actively. This part of the fleet of 18 against 3.

To be honest, I’ve singled this post out as I feel like every other person we’ve talked to in this war has been friendly, respectful and a good laugh. I’m a little surprised Rixx seems to be taking personal shots at people and corps for playing the game its meant to be played.

To those in ABA who’ve scrapped with us and exchanged pleasantries in local, to those who mailed us directly with nice things to say, to those who have shown mutual respect, I say thank you.

Update: it appears Rixx doesn’t like this post but has declined to specify which parts are “wrong headed assumptions based in fantasy and not reality”

This is despite my offers to update any inaccuracies.

I believe he has taken this as a personal attack rather than simply debunking his inaccurate claims about us. This is as I suggested earlier in this very post. Rixx, this offer stands. This is not personal, I wish it to be a bit of a laugh between our corps. If you post inaccurate statements about myself or The Bastards I will correct them. I will endeavour not to post anything inaccurate about your corp.



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