Lowsec Pirates League

So I’ve just finished reading a post by Johnny Twelvebore over at his blog where The Tuskers take on an agreed 5vs5 fight against the Hound of Haides. Go ahead and read it, I’ll wait.

Done? Good.

I love little fun events in Eve. It’s a sandbox game, we have a set of tools that allow us to create things that the developers perhaps never envisioned during development. Previously I’ve organised internal events such as the Hauler Death Race (written about here by Anabaric) or the Bastards vs Meatshields tournament (which Eric Shang writes up here) both of which had great feedback.

I specifically enjoyed the concept of the Bastards vs Meats as we limited the Bastard team to T1 Meta 0 modules on T1 frigates where as the Meats were able to use up to T2 modules and field a T2 frigate ‘flagship’. There were a couple other quirks all in the name of evening the playing field. On one side, a team of experienced PvPers with 60+ million skill points, some of which had alliance tournament experience. On the other, a band of newbies. It was a close match and I suggest you read Erics write up.

The thing about these events are they’re cheap, fun, informal and, most importantly, a bit of a laugh. With no multibillion ISK ships on the line and no life changing prizes the only thing you’re fighting for is pride and the spirit of competition.

In Johnnys post I replied in the comments to a writeup by Red (of the Hounds) offering to repeat the match up with them but against The Bastard, an offer I hope he takes as I expect it’ll be a very fun engagement. While writing that reply I gots a-thinking. The scale of the engagements Hounds have been having are quite managable for many. Five on five with up to T1 cruisers with meta modules, super cheap and not particularly complex compared to alliance tournament style teams.

I don’t know the specifics of the match but, by the write up, I presume there was no specific grid and no real time limit. More a ‘kick around in the park with friends’ than a meticulously organised event. The informality and ease of organisation of such an event would kind of lend itself to an informal league within the lowsec pirate community where pride is paramount.

It could even be done as a ‘championship belt’ type event with one team holding the title until defeated by another. This takes away the complexity of tournament brackets and organising fights, keeping track of stats and whatnot.

I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud here but I think that would be easy to do and pretty fun for everyone involved. Thoughts?


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