Wormhole diving

For a while I’ve wanted to go wormhole diving, that is, head into a wormhole with a ship capable of probing/hunting/surviving by itself and just stalk through looking for targets.

I fit up a dedicated Proteus for this with Ithica a little while ago but we had so much going on I didn’t really feel like I could spare the time to disappear off for a couple of weeks (I”m being optimistic about my survivability). After some time reading Cloaky Bastard (one of my favourite eve blogs) and newly reactivated The Flying Target I decided to use an alt and, with the fit from The Flying Target, head off into wormhole space.


My first evening was spent moving through wormhole after wormhole looking for something suitable. I got stuck on the C5 superhighway for a while but eventually managed to navigate my way to an exit. The first few small holes I found were all empty. I stumbled across a few with active POSes but a highly active PvP killboard and most sites still up. I’m looking for a squishier target.

On my second night I found my new temporary home, J111846, currently inhabited by Cohortes Stellaris, a 56 man German corp with a rather interesting killboard. 3m kills to 12.8b losses in 2015 so far. Yes, 3 million.
I scouted out the system bookmarking the various statics, K162s and sites. There were a couple of dead POSes belonging to another corp, most likely previous inhabitants. Two active Domination towers (small and large) and a medium Amarr tower. The Amarr tower seemed to hold various industrial modules indicating potentially active PI chains on the planets.

The following morning I logged in shortly after downtime and scanned down the new signatures. Just as I landed on the last wormhole and pulled probes a Heron belonging to COH arrived, followed shortly by an Occator. I observed them for a while as they sat in the POS shields swapping ships for a bit before taking two Herons and going off scanning.

Conveniently they have a public channel they all seem to be in so I joined it, added them all to watchlist and left again. Before long there was four of them sitting in the POS or off in Herons. Activity continued for most of the morning as I had one eye on them while doing various other things. A couple of interesting ships popped up including a Tengu and a Myrm with no guns.  I followed a Tayra round some POCOs but a quick check of the killboard showed they liked to fit two stabs. I made a quick run out through the lowsec and bought two scrams to refit with my mobile depo if I see them doing it again later.

Screenshot 2015-06-20 13.05.31


A procurer at one point warped off and I chased him around looking for him but must have missed him. The system is big enough that D-scan doesn’t reach the whole system and warps take long enough to lose things in the gaps. After a while he returned. He sat in the POS for a while with the Orca before warping off again. This time he warped to the Ore site in system. Excellent. Could it be time to shine? I warped in after him and saw, sure enough, a mining procurer in the site.

Screenshot 2015-06-20 15.29.00

Interesting. Mining drones. 2014 character. Hmm. Fuck it. I slowboat down 100km, manually piloting around some rocks to avoid decloaking.  I swing my ship round to align to a celestial that will take me close to the procurer. I’m hoping he’s fit for yield and I can blap him before he either drops combat drones or is stabbed and warps off.

It’s time. I decloak, point, apply target painters and begin liberal application of torpedoes. The first few volleys hit the target and his shields start to drop, not fast enough. He’s got tank. He starts yellowboxing me so I make sure I’m outside of scram range. He drops combat drones. Well. Shit. I’m hoping I can burn him down before the drones kill me but it doesn’t seem to be happening. In low armor I have to warp off, he still had 20% or so shield left.


My first kill attempt was a bust. I warped off, nipped out to lowsec, repaired and came back in. I’m watching them sit in the POS as I write this. The procurer warped back off to the Ore site after a while but it would have been pointless chasing him and he could have fitted a point this time. I’ve decided to stick around in this wormhole for a bit, their killboard is terrible and, with two scrams, I’m hoping to catch the Tayra at some point. Sure, they may be a bit more alert but I’m banking on some hit and runs after they let their guard down.

Only time will tell.



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