The u-boat surfaces

After my last post where I spent a day or so hunting a Myrmidon I thought it best to move out of the wormhole I was resident in and find somewhere new. Mainly because the residents would likely be aware of my presence and a bit more cautious. I logged in the following day, scanned out the C2 static and jumped in.

It was occupied by a pvp corp and had bad statics for me. I wasn’t in any rush so I moved back with my best friends and waited. I kept one eye on them while going about my other business. It became evident that there were still kills to be had in this wormhole so I decided to prolong my stay. I’d log in when I got home, scan the sigs down then just leave myself logged in so that, on the off chance they had me watchlisted, they’d assume I must be somewhere else. This continued for a few days with a couple of interesting ships popping up now and then but nothing in space worth revealing myself for. I was tempted by a Venture.

Screenshot 2015-06-23 18.44.50

A drake for example. But he never left the POS. Then one day he had a Gila. Interesting. A six month old character in a faction cruiser. I was watching him one day, waiting to see if he’d run any of the five sites that were up but I had to go out. I left myself logged in and went off. I came back to find the Gila not in the POS but in the very last site. I warped in but he was there with a 10 year character in an Ishtar. A bit much, I decided to wait and try catch him alone sometime.

The following evening the situation repeated. This time though I forgot to warp away from their POS and left myself cloaked only 30km away from when I went out for two hours. I came back to find that they were apparently tearing down their POS. In fact, a Nereus was only 5km away from me. Holy shit. I must have trained lucky bastard to V.

I quick bounce and trip to the toilet and I was in position to evaluate what was going on.

Screenshot 2015-06-24 20.49.03

My newly inflated ego decided they must be moving out because of me. Op success. I watched the haulers warp off in the direction of the… C2? So not moving out via lowsec. Maybe via the C2 or their moving into another C2. I followed to the wormhole. He never turned up but was still on D-scan.
A bit of ego easing and I discovered they are moving to a new POS on a different moon. Maybe the scenery is better over there. Oh well, I was getting worried they might leave without me. I watched them for a while plotting how best to strike. Despite having an Orca they insisted in ejecting all their ships and flying them over individually as well as using small haulers to shuttle back and forth.

Screenshot 2015-06-24 21.13.39

I’m not really sure either. Some nice ships in there, ships that could do with some heavy assault missiles. I toyed with the idea of warping to the new POS and deploying one of my T2 small bubbles but the 60 second anchor time and the fact that three of them were shuttling back and forth ruled that idea out.
My next plan was to wait until they unanchored the POS and then pop the hauler that scooped it. Them logging off with an empty online POS put that idea to bed.

Today I logged in and checked both POSes. The old one is still there and happily running. Maybe they don’t know how to take it down? Maybe they can’t be bothered. Maybe they’ll let it go offline but they can always emergency refuel and activate. As I landed on the new POS I got a notification that my friend with the Myrmidon has logged in. I see a new ship on my overview, it’s a Dominix. Looks like he’s upgraded. After that Myrm loss you’d have to get a better ship to run sites faster and earn it back. Right? No sooner than he landed did he align and warp off to a combat site. Only him online. Brave.

Screenshot 2015-06-26 16.49.29

Hi again friend. Faction sentry drones I see. How shiny. I started the silent glide toward him. Like a u-boat approaching an unaware warship in the Atlantic. Except in space. I’ve been flying ‘deep’ for four days. The crew is restless. They need action. Ships cook made curry last night. Reminder to self: fire ships cook out missile bay. I reach periscope depth:

Screenshot 2015-06-26 16.56.32


“All engines stop!”

“Captain, he appears to be warping out.” I see he’s gone for the age old ‘My-smaller-ship-isn’t-good-enough-so-ill-throw-money-and-bigger-ships-at-the-problem’ methodology. Strong choice.

“We’ve been here before men, ensign, check d-scan, 20 million ISK says there’s an Exequror on d-scan”

“Confirmed Captain”

“Maintain silent running mode boys. He’ll be back. All engines ahead one third, take us towards his last known location”

“Dominix on short captain! He’s coming back”

Screenshot 2015-06-26 16.58.19


“This is it men, action stations. Retract the periscope, prepare to drop cloak. Weapons standby. Steady boys.”

“Decloak, activate warp scramblers, fire everything!”

Screenshot 2015-06-26 16.59.19

Soon the unmistakable sound of a ships bulkheads failing echo’d through the space-ocean as the great vessel succumbed to the relentless missiles barrage.

Screenshot 2015-06-26 17.04.37


And with that, we sank below the figurative surface to the deep once again. Will I move on? Will I keep pestering these poor people? Undecided. I go where the opportunities are. We’re free men on this boat.



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