Operation Sentinel Stand

July 19th 2015, The Bastards Alliance and Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork stand united together against an ever increasing army hell bent on evicting the motley crew from their Bastion deep within hostile territory. Fearing the worst, orders have been given to prepare for evacuation, carriers are packed with ships and supplies. Only a single fleet worth of ships remain ready to move out. Determined not to wait to be evicted, the decision is made, we’re taking the fight to them.

But first, lets go back and see where this all began.

June 17th 2015

Spurred by the announcement of the updated sovereignty mechanics announced for the Aegis expansion, Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork pilot Bei Artjay has managed, virtually single handedly, to take sovereignty over a remote system in the far reaches of Cobalt Edge. The system of 5-3722, a quiet system owned by Shadow of xXDEATHXx, a multi-thousand pilot Russian alliance, fell silently with virtually no resistance to the determined efforts of Bei and a few pilots. No doubt the recent jump changes and the upcoming sov mechanics pushed a minor annoyance to the bottom of a long list of priorities.

At this point Bei contacts Nashh Kadavr, CEO of the Bastards Alliance and extends an offer for the two alliances to join forces and try carve a small area of space out of the monolithic russian territory. It is theorised that, due to the poor utilisation of the space and difficulty of defending it come Aegis that xXDeath may be open to a deal.
Such a deal would give control over the constellation to Bastards and Kick, a meager six systems out of hundreds and, in return, further systems and attempts would not be made deeper into Russian space. These systems bring in a small amount of revenue for a huge nullsec bloc but could be a nice little earner for a small group of lowsec pirates.

A series of scraps takes place over the following weeks with multiple half hearted attempts to bore/blob the allies into leaving. Not to be so easily deterred, it was decided to make it as difficult and annoying as possible to remove us from the area. We’d reinforce their POSes, they’d bring a big fleet to defend it only to find nothing there to fight. As they were repping the POS a collection of Bastards and Kick would be laying bubbles down the return route for the enemy fleet.
If they sent a small force, we’d fight it or at least skirmish until the backup arrived before extracting with minimal losses.

The idea was to fight a war of attrition and wear the hostiles into giving up the space willingly. Deals came agonisingly close, one was even agreed only to be reneged upon by the Russians just twelve hours later. After the second deal fell through we were told that our days were numbered.

The Battle for BI0Y-X

July 19th, the system of BI0Y-X, shortly the capital and only sovereign system of the Bastards before it was swiftly taken away by the combined forces of Spears of Destiny [-SOD-] and Just a Game [JAG.] utilising their vast numbers advantage coupled with a poor defence timezone for the Bastards has once again been reinforced by the pirates. The timer is a few hours away however the citadel of 5-3, a system held since the beginning, has also been reinforced. Intel suggests that not only will -SOD- and JAG. be forming to fight, it’s likely that Shadow of xXDeathXx and even Legion of xXDeathXx will be making an appearance. Facing an overwhelming numbers game it’s decided to attempt to hit the enemy in their staging system before they come to us, to attempt to break them and prevent them even getting to 5-3 and BI0.

The last stand fleet forms up in a staging tower, Ishtars are the ship of choice with many multiboxing and one even triple boxing. Nervous chatter is heard as fittings are adjusted, drones are checked, ammo is loaded.
Before long the order is called to move out and set destination to MK-YNM.

The fleet arrives on the MK gate and scouts call all stop. The other side of the gate is severely bubbled and there is a hostile Dominix/Typhoon/Ishtar fleet sitting at range with multiple Guardians and Oneiros support. We’re outnumbered and in a bad position jumping into their optimals within bubbles but we’re going anyway.

Things immediately start to go wrong for the allies as the incoming firepower quickly overwhelms an Ishtar, Keres and two Scimitars for only a single Condor as the fleet struggles to organise itself and the scimitars settle into their job. With great piloting the fleet manages to move out of the killzone begins to hit back, dropping bouncers of its own. A hostile Blackbird and two Ishtars quickly drop as the hostile fleet begins to move.

The fight rages for almost one hour with losses on both sides, the allies manage to reposition multiple times, scooping hostile drones and adjusting while the hostiles, perhaps more used to the giant nullsec slugfests are less comfortable dealing with more mobile targets. The fight starts to turn against the hostiles and they lose a Vexor Navy Issue, four Ishtars (one, two, three, four), two Dominix, two Typhoons and a Stiletto for only an Ares and a Rapier

Local spike and shortly after a sizable Caracal/Cerberus fleet with logi lands on grid, hostile support. With the previously killed pilots able to quickly reship and numbers quickly stacking up past three to one the call comes down the line, time to extract. We collect our drones, scoop hostile drones to replenish lost stock and bounce down towards the gate. The last 50km is burned through the bubbles and the fleet begins moving back in the direction of home.

Hostile scouts are tailing us and the intel says they are preparing to follow. A fast return journey is made to allow pilots to restock and previously, those who lost ships, scramble through packed carriers looking for more combat ships.
We form up in 5-3 and prepare to move back to meet the hostile fleet. We jump into BI0 itself just as the hostiles do so from the other direction. They are on the gate so we warp over at 30 and prepare to fight. They have slightly more numbers, as last time so it’s expected to be reasonably close once again. However what followed can only be described as a massacreThirty four hostile ships totalling 6.5 billion ISK met their ends, taking down only a single Ishtar of the allied KICK/BSTRD forces.

Many celebrations were had on comms when the remaining hostiles turned to flee, leaving the system uncontested. Entosis ships were quickly grabbed but the attempt to retake the sov was abandoned as no one had thought to bring a TCU. It had seemed so unlikely that we’d survive the night that no one had gone to the effort of scanning the wormholes needed to move such an item up. Moving 40 jumps through hostile nullsec in a hauler is basically impossible so the majority of our assets were moved via wormholes. Many turned in for the night but not Kae Tlynn and Freyja Grey who, in the depths of the night, managed to scout a T1 hauler all the way from highsec to BI0Y-X and claim back soverignty for The Bastards.

Currently BI0Y-X remains a beacon of hope amongst a sea of nullsec carebears. A signal fire deep in the dark reaches of hostile space. 5-3 remains our Helms Deep, our final fortress and where, undoubtably, our last stand will take place. For now, The Bastards logo is emblazoned across space alongside Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork as proof the a small group of determined individuals can triumph even against the mightiest nullsec superpowers.

Get rekt.


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