A short one

So recently I’ve spent six weeks out in Australia with work. I took my laptop with Eve but the signal was so bad in the rooms it was almost unusable. I did manage to fly in the AT but that involved sitting in the lobby, while a wedding party was spilling out of the main hall, snuck onto the conference wifi. It wasn’t optimal to say the least.

I got back just in time for #EVE_NT then was ill during the week and then straight to Evesterdam. It’s been a busy few months so no time to write stuff.

However, don’t assume that having a break made me any better. A perfect example is what happened to me the other day:

After Operation Sentinel Stand (https://imbadateve.wordpress.com/2015/07/22/operation-sentinel-stand/) we returned back to lowsec. During my time away another Nullsec operation was fired up in Cobalt Edge, not far from where SS was. Eager to join in I logged on during the day from my sickbed and realised that, not only did I still have a clone set in our old station in 5-3 (now owned by Just a Game – who we fought) but I also had a PvP fit Ishtar. And it’s not far from where I need to get to.

What luck. I jumpclone over to 5-3 succesfully managing to avoid overwriting any of my expensive clones for a change and see I have a bunch of other assets in 5-3 also. Spare drones, ammo, stuff like that. I load as much as I can into my Ishtar. Please that, for once, I don’t have to spend ages moving shit around.

I take one last look around my hanger, making sure I haven’t forgot anything and click undock. What do I see on the undock? A pod. Specifically, my pod. I forgot to actually get into the Ishtar. Can I redock? Of course I can’t. Fuck.

So I pod over to our new base, log in my logistics alt and start the process of bringing up a ship to fly.


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