Amarr Championship Day 1 – A tale of a bad

I’m not going to recount our sucesses of the first day as Johnny Twelvebore already did so here: https://johnnytwelvebore.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/wts-silver-magnate/ (*spoiler* we won both our matches)

Instead, in the spirit of this blog, I’m going to discuss how I fucked up multiple times.

Firstly, match 1. Our rules were simple: Each could bring one of any Amarr T1 frigate maximum. The options were Punisher, Tormentor, Magnate, Crucifier, Inquisitor and Executioner. We discounted the magnate fairly quickly (although a last minute idea almost has us swap one in 30 minutes before the match) and settled on Tormentor, Punisher, Crucifier with Inquisitor support. I was in the Tormentor.

I was one of the key tackle ships in our comp. Speed was important. If you watch the match you’ll notice when we’re killing the last frigate, I’m at range and slowly closing as opposed to burning in. Pro tactics? Nope, I burned my MWD out. In trying to juggle an overheated web and MWD to catch/defend I accidently overheated the MWD instead of unoverheating the web. I almost burned the web out too but it was moot by that point. Luckily it was very late in the match so not a critical mistake but I still had egg on my face.

Match 2: One of any T1 BC (Navy Harbi, Harbi, Proph, Oracle) plus three could bring one of any Amarr T1 cruiser (Augorororor, Maller, Omen, Arbitrator).
In this one we decided to go Aug, Maller, Arbi and Proph. I was the Maller. Did I spend 800m to get the Kador skin? Yes, of course.

So before the move I did a whip round the team checking each person had ammo, cap boosters, all modules online etc. All systems green. We get moved. It is at this point I notice the 200m+ of faction ammo I brought is mostly still in Jita. I have what is in my guns. Bugger. I got everyone else to check, didn’t check myself. No fear, I’ll just hope that either it lasts or they primary me just as I’m running out of ammo so I die after my use as a DPS ship has expired leaving me as a simple bullet sponge for my hommies.

The countdown appears in local. I’m ready.




Go! I click to activate my guns in the top left slot. Disaster, I miss the button and click the one next to it. The one that ungroups all your guns. Now I have five guns all over my module layout. I panic activate all of them individually then realise that you can’t regroup active guns. Well, I’m not stopping firing long enough to do that so I fly the rest of the fight with ungrouped guns like the old days. Manually overheating and unoverheating each gun individually certainly added a new level of challenge (I forgot about the option to heat the entire rack until the last 30 seconds or so).

In a stressful tournament environment your brain turns to fedos. I think what sets good players against poor ones is the ability to react to a challenge. Even if that challenge is due to your own idiocy.

Both our matches were stellar and I really enjoyed them. Massive props to Joshua and Fafer and their teams for giving us a damn good run.


5 thoughts on “Amarr Championship Day 1 – A tale of a bad

  1. You did well, there’s always things that go wrong and part of improving is recognising them.

    How much practice did you guys put in?I realise it was tricky to do any without knowing the rules.

    • The practice we did before the rules were announced was mainly just flying and playing team based competitive games with each other just go get used to the way we all communicate. Everyone in the team is a competent pilot and, considering the format, working well together and communicating well is really important. If you can communicate and adapt to challenges as a team it’s easier to overcome individual mistakes.

      Then we theorycrafted the shit out of stuff when the rules came out.

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