The Bastards vs A Band Apart – Day 1 recap

So I thought I’d recap what has happened so far today since the war went live at 1122 this morning. Obviously I won’t write a post every day because that’d be madness and, really, who the f**k would want to read all that anyway. Maybe I’ll write a post if anything major happens, who knows. I thought I’d write one about today since the first day is usually memorable.

I was off from work today as I am ill. I decided to log in from my laptop and eve from my bed for a while. Luxury. The war had started and I spotted a bunch of -ABA- frigates on scan, eight of them to just one of just one of me so I’ll take a small gun fitted Prophecy to pew pew and tank on their station. This was cut short when they simply undocked two Griffins and some cruisers/battlecruisers instead so I left and headed back to our home station.

They followed and proceeded to set up a minor camp on the undock, a bit of good natured smack in local took place with -ABA- calling for my immediate undock. The Huginn, Ruptures, griffins, atron, thorax and caracals vs me alone. I was feeling a touch outnumbered.

I undocked my trusty Brutix Navy and let them test my tank. It became apparent I could easily tank them for the 60 seconds that it took to wait out aggression. All that I needed was for one of the frigates to wonder into my web range. This didn’t take long and, lo, the first blood of the war was drawn. And second. And third. These kills were had by simply being patient and waiting for them to make mistakes. It didn’t help I was under two or three Griffins most of the time. A Falcon did pop up once or twice too. Every so often they would miss a jam as one of the frigates was getting in close to maximise his damage. When that situation arrived, blap, tank, dock, repeat.

An hour or so later I was joined by Known Associate, also in a Brutix Navy. The -ABA- gang swelled too, adding a Vexor and a Mauler to the mix as well as another Griffin. I was informed in local that they ‘have 200 Griffins to bring’.
The extra DPS wasn’t enough to break the BNI tank and it was, again, a simple matter of waiting for them to make a mistake and get too close. First it was the Maller. Getting wise they started pulling back and brought some logi. Now we have the same ships as before plus two Augorors, one flown by Mr Javix himself. The twin logi didn’t help when one of their Vexors got too close and agressed on a neutral third party Sigil.

Despite being outnumbered 16 to 2 so far it was 5-0 Bastards, it was only fair that -ABA- got a kill. One of our Meats, a new player, undocked to take a look and was volleyed by a Rupture. He learned about alpha strikes today. Congratulations to Wild Ai who, I believe, wins 50m for first blood by an -ABA- member. I’m not sure if there will be a prize for second blood but, at time of writing, that hasn’t happened yet so there is still time to consider it.

-ABA- continued to upship, bringing a Megathron, Neut Armageddon, Vexors, Confessor, Tornado, Oracle, Brutix and (not shown) the Falcon.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 20.33.41

It is, perhaps, worth noting, at this point we had three people. I guess we should feel flattered that -ABA- believe they require this many people. Personally I believe they are better than they give themselves credit for with this but we’ll see how this war continues. There were some more calls in local for us to stop ‘being cowards’, to undock and fight. Even if we wanted to die gloriously taking down as many as we could, this was dashed by the near permajamming. Now they had enough firepower to wear even a BNI down in less than 60 seconds so killing someone making a mistake would be harder, if possible at all now. We elected not to engage further while they had such overwhelming odds. The Geddon, piloted by Rixx, promptly plonked itself right on the undock itself and had constant reps on it from not just the two Augs but also a whole flight of heavy armor drones. Perhaps overkill. The rest of the ships retreated to 25-30km away from the undock, well out of ‘get snagged being silly’ range. They spent the next while trying, unsuccessfully, to bump us off the station. They got a few good bumps in, I’ll give them that, but none were able to push us off the docking ring.

Mr Spaxi managed to snag a lone Griffin out of range of his friends, he even got the pod. Bringing today’s score to 7-1 (or 100m to 6m).

I went to make dinner at this point and came back to find, despite being told we’d be “seeing a lot of the inside of stations” and “good luck leaving this station in the next week”, they’d gone. I’m not sure if it’s because there was now six of us online but I have suspicions.

We went out on a roam instead with a couple of cruisers which was reasonably uneventful with the highlight being a Battle Exequror kill. We did manage to run into a very large thrasher gank with ~30 Thrashers. It didn’t end well for Eito. It was fun though and today has been a good laugh. I enjoyed the challenge of fighting extremely outnumbered in a situation where I had no real advantage. My strategy was to wait patiently for the other side to make mistakes and catch them when they did. Simultaneously I had to be careful not to make any silly mistakes of my own as I would quickly lose my ship if I had.

Thanks for the fun -ABA-, I look forward to some more ❤



The Bastards go to war

At #EVE_NT myself, Nashh and Lord Lazyghost had a few drinks. While mildly intoxicated we were discussing ways to generate content when the idea came up that “We should declare war on Stay Frosty!”. This, we decided, was an excellent idea.


Some history: About four months ago, having bled the Auner area dry over the year or so the Bastards based there we were discussing the concept of moving. One of the reasons we picked Ishomilken is that it’s convenient access to Black Rise, a pvp hotspot. Another reason was it was the home of Stay Frosty, a pirate corp lead by space-famous Rixx Javix. As pilots SF members are known to be skilled in small gang and solo PvP with a willingness to fight for pride alone, not unlike ourselves.

We decided that moving in with the Frosties would be a great scenario as, as Frenemies, we could shoot each other in the face by day and back each other up if a bigger threat came knocking. Pirates help other pirates when they’re not busy violencing each other. This happened back when the Russians tried to evict us from Auner. Local pirate corps, normally mutually -10.0, assisted us in the fight. Should some evil Russian mercs try to evict SF I, for one, would have no issues helping them. Pirates 4 lyfe bro.

By declaring war we’ve taken the gloves off both sides, boosters hugging stations now isn’t really viable. Station games become a thing, even if people have positive sec status (according to Eve Who the average sec status of The Bastards corp (-8.0) and Alliance (-4.8) compared to Stay Frosty (-2.4) and A Band Apart (-0.3) )

A band apart are also listed as having over 500 members to our less than 100. If it comes to all out blob warfare then, I’m doubtful we can win, if we try to out-number them we’d most likely lose. Where we’ll have to win is tactically. Corps like Rooks n Kings are known for fighting outnumbered, and winning, with great use of tactics and skilled pilots. I’m not saying we’re RnK, hell, this blog is called I’m Bad At Eve. We’ve given ourselves a challenge, a challenge SF is already rising to. I heard yesterday Rixx put out a CTA and already ABA pilots are flooding into Isho.


We’re putting our money where our mouths are on this one and I’m looking forward to it. No doubt the SF guys will bring some true ‘gud fights’ over the next while. They’ll win some, we’ll win some. In the end, it’s content, and it’s in our own backyard. What more could you want.

Stand by for some truly excellent losses in the near future.


Awoxing, good night sweet prince

In EVE there is an activity known as Awoxing. It is named after a character, ‘Awox’ who popularised a particular style of play. Put simply, Awoxing means to join a player corporation and use the rights of being in that corporation to exploit and/or kill corpmates.

In Highsec, shooting another person who is not suspect/a criminal will get you rapidly concorded by our friendly neighbourhood space police. Shooting corpmates is excempt for this rule allowing someone to join a corp and set about killing members/assets with impunity. The fact that you can’t kick someone from corp unless they dock compounds this issue for the victims.

I, myself, have done some awoxing in the past. It was great fun, the thrill of infiltrating a corp, a wolf mascerading in highsec miners clothing. Working your way into position to strike and revealing yourself to be a dreaded awoxer, taking the assets, kills or money of those nieve enough to recruit you.

I, personally, think its a shame that awoxing is being killed off by allowing corps to disable the ‘concord won’t shoot you if you shoot your corpmates’ mechanic. I can see the benefit to CCP as many new players who join player corporations are unaware just how brutal EVE can be. That being said, hand holding them may help retain new players a little bit longer but they’ll still ahve to learn, usually the hard way, at some point.
Most people who have experienced and awox would be much more aware of it in the future. My thoughts is that, should a corp disable awoxing, there should be a manditory tax (say 10%) which goes to Concord. Spin the lore as Concord having to cover the costs of doing things they previously didn’t have to or something.

This would have a risk/reward balance as you can essentially block awoxing but at a cost. Or do you leave it as an option, risking your ships and assets for the higher returns? A decision each corp would have to make. I see scope for people to trick ‘awoxing banned’ corpmates into agressing them triggering concord/agression much like canflippers do now.

I have a couple of stories of my awoxing that are worth sharing so I’ll need to try sift through killmails and put together some words. Thoughts on the removal of awoxing?


Location unknown 02

Ithica groaned as he sat up, his hands flying up to his head to cradle it softly.

“Urgh.. fuck me. What in the fuck was that?” he breathed, massaging his temples in a bid to ease the throbbing pain behind his eyes. Ithica hadn’t felt this bad since the last corp ransom party. They’d snagged a passing trader and convinced the terrified pilot that his cargo of beer and spirits would be much better off in the hand of the pirates than in the hold of such a ship. The trader, strangely, had also agreed. Quite vigorously in fact.

When he went on his way, cargohold empty, Ithica and his fellow pirates proceded to insist on sampling all the exotic drinks. After all, they were moral pirates and couldn’t live with the guilt of selling on poisoned beverages.

That night they made sure that every bottle was safe to drink however, in the morning, Ithica wasn’t so sure. He crawled to his quarters and stuck his head under the pillow until those assholes on the bridge stopped making the station spin so much.

Ithica squeezed his temples and gritted his teeth as the pain ebbed away. Opening his eyes he stared around him at his surroundings.

He appeared to be in some sort of holding cell based on the decor and the titanium chain clamped around his ankle. Ithica pulled his leg against the chain a few times but it didn’t give at all.

He humpfed as he slouched back against the wall.

The room was bland, featureless and grey. As if someone just hollowed a cube out of dull metal and put a door in it. The door was the only feature of the room that differed. It was also grey, however, it was a different shade of grey.

“Wonderful”, said Ithica wondering who he’d pissed off this time, “just wonderful”.

Just as Ithica was in the middle of trying to see if he could squeeze his ankle through the shackles the door slid open with a quiet hiss. He glanced up at the door as a figure strolled in.

He appeared to be around 40 to 50 years old with thin greying hair and wrinkles around his eyes. The man had a kind face but his eyes were anything but. Clenching a stun gun in his hand he stepped into the centre of the room, stopping a few paces short of Ithica, who was currently eyeing the stun-gun suspiciously whilst working out if he had a play.

“Who are you?” the man exclaimed, “What are you doing here? How did you get here? Explain yourself!” he gesticulated wildly with the weapon, a bead of sweat working its way down the mans forehead.

Ithica tried to stand up but his head had different ideas. He crumpled back down and tried to make it look like that was what he intended all along.

“Listen here, who the hell are you? Why am I here?” Where the fuck is here?!”

“Don’t play games with me, you know exactly where you are!”, the man stepped forward, weapon aimed at Ithica.

“Woah, listen here, old man. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was just flying along through Black Rise when *poof* I woke up in some reanimation chamber in this god damned station.”

“Lies!” hissed the man, “You’re here to spy on us, to stop us!”

“I don’t know who the hell you are, why would I spy on you!?” Ithica  said with a raising voice, “I’m not interested in your affairs so long as they don’t interfere with mine”

A flicker of doubt flashed across the mans eyes as he span round and strode out of the room, door hissing shut behind him.

Ithica realised he’d tensed up and the pull of the shackles was hurting him. He relaxed and took a series of slow breaths as he considered how much shit he appeared to be in.


“Damnit Dwaigon”, sighed Murrdurr, “How many times to I have to tell you, don’t call me that!”

“Call you what? Your actual name?”

“Yes, just call me Murrdurr”

“Jeez, fine. Whatever Rence, sorry, ‘Murrdurr'” Dwaigon sniggered while making air quotes around the name.

Murrdurr rubbed his temples with a pained expression on his face.  He’d been a graduate from the prestigious State War Academy of the Caldari State, one of the best in his class. The aptitude tests had placed him into the logistics specialist stream where he’d received advanced training in the piloting of the specialist ships the Navy used to support their fleets during the war against the Gallente Federation.

Murrdurr was trained to operate these ships during fleet warfare, ensuring the survival of his fleet even under overwhelming odds.

He’d trained in a series of Osprey class logistics cruisers in a series of escalating wargames receiving commendations from his tutors and instructors. He was one of the first trainees to be granted pod time in a Basilisk and, according to his instructors, flew it to fine effect.

Upon graduation he was touted to be a shoe-in for the carrier program in a few months. That is, until the incident.

After the graduation ceremony Murrdurr and his fellow newly minted officers went out to celebrate. He’d got absolutely blind drunk on all sorts of exotic spirits. They’d been pounding shot after shot all evening, slapping each other on the back and guffawing loudly when someone had to make a dash to the nearest toilets, hand clapped firmly over mouth.

At some point he’d met ‘her’. He didn’t even know her, not that it’d have been real. She was stunning. Everything about her. Her eyes had glistened as she made eye contact with him across the bar. Her body was incredible and she clearly knew it, showing it off with a tight dress cut in just the right places to leave little to the imagination.

She’d had him over her little finger from the start. They went back to the dorms but she’d wanted to go somewhere more private. Drunk, eager to show off and not thinking with the right head he’d taken her and snuck her past security into the Navy docks and onto the biggest ship he had access to, a Navy Raven class battleship where the graduation ceremony had taken place earlier that day.

Next thing Murrdurr knew he woke up in a rejuvination bay with armed soldiers surrounding him and a very pissed off Admiral.

She’d been a Gallente agent, they said. Once he’d given her access to the ship she locked it down, turned the weapons systems on neighbouring berthed warships and activated the self destruct.

Twenty cruiser class ships and three battleships were destroyed by the missiles and the exploding ship.

Facing court martial he’d ran. He’d survived as a mercenary for hire for the defence fleets against incursions of Sansha’s nation into empire space. His training in the logistics ships came in handy. The Navy almost caught him once, prompting him to come up with a pseudonym and change his appearance.

The money was good but he hated the people, they were almost as bad as the military types he’d thought he’d left behind. Eventually, when moving through a dangerous area of space, he’d witnessed a gang of pirates attacking a lone industrial ship. Murrdurr been about to move along when the backup landed. A trap set for the now struggling pirates.

In his logistics cruiser he’d opened a communications channel with the pirates.

“Who the fuck are you?” came the reply

“Just a passer by, looks like you’re in trouble”

“Nothing we can’t handle”, said Ithica Hawk as the first of the pirate ships exploded. The swarm of drones Murrdurr could now see rapidly shifted onto another of the pirates.

“Doesn’t look that way to me. I’ll help you but I want a share of the loot”

The second pirate ship exploded leaving just four remaining.

“Fuck. Alright, deal whoever you are. If you doublecross us we’ll kill you”

Murrdurr cut the comms channel, locked up the remaning pirates and activated the remote shield transfer modules fitted to his ship.

With their shields being regenerated by the Scimitar class ship the pirates had been able to hold the field and pick off the hostiles one by one.

As the last hostile went down Murrdurr noticed his warp drive was offline.

His neocom flashed up indicating that the Ithica Hawk was opening a communication channel with him.

That had been how Murrdurr had first met the lowlife pirates and it wasn’t long until he was one of them too. After all, even criminals need logistics support.

Now here he was sitting in a station with Dwaigon waiting on Ithica who was supposed to have been here already.

“Where is he, do you know?” Murrdurr asked.

“No clue, he’s usually not this late. He’s an asshole but he’s a punctual asshole” Dwaigon said.

“Hmm, he’s not answering any messages. Have you tried contacting one of those locator agents?”

“Yeah, just there actually. Waiting to hear back.. wait, mail just arrived”

Dwaigon opened the mail on the desktop screen. Both pirates leant in to see the result, which wasn’t what they expected.

Ithica Hawk had vanished.   


Location unknown 01

“What the hell was that?!” exclaimed Ithica Hawk as he pulled himself from the rejuvenation tank. Wiping himself off he span around, arms thrown out in frustration to his waiting audience of… no one.

“One minute I’m… where the fuck is everyone?”. The pirate captain stomped over to the entrance of the medical bay and flung the door open. Suddenly aware of his distinct lack of clothing, Ithica sheepishly poked his head around the doorway. The corridor stretched away in a gentle curve limiting the view to maybe fifty meters. The other direction was much the same, brushed aluminium brightly lit by glowing panels on the wall. There were sleek doors, similar in style to the simplistic, industrial design of the walls. They appeared to be at regular intervals, recessed slightly from the corridor itself. Beside each door, at approximately where you would expect to find the handle, was a small screen glowing dimly. Exactly like every other medical facility in every other station he’d ever been in.

“um… hello?”, his voice didn’t even echo down the hall, it never did in these places. Slightly frustrated Ithica ducked back inside and flicked the door closed with his heel. The door slid shut with a pneumatic hiss, robbing him of a satisfying slam. Ithica sighed as he glanced around the medical bay, it seemed like any other medical bay he’d ever woken up in except for one thing: there were always people doing… stuff. Ithica didn’t pretend to understand the science behind the ‘coming back from the dead’ trick that capsuleers like him were able to perform. He just knew that it worked and there were people when he woke up. He presumed they were important to the process.
Leaning back against the cool metal he rested his head back and felt the low, ever-present hum emanating from the station. He had to admit it, he was a bit puzzled.

Usually reanimation was a standard affair. He’d wake up, angry with himself and whomever had managed to get that lucky shot off on his escape capsule. He’d stomp around the medical bay for a few minutes shouting at the poor staff who put up with his outbursts with that souless professional smile they have, all the while nodding sympathetically and uttering phrases like “Oh, how tragic”, “You were just unlucky” and “You’ll definitely get them next time”.
Ithica knew they didn’t give a shit but the ranting helped him cool off.

He’d never woken up to no one before. In fact, he was sure there was some law against this. Not that they where in a CONCORD enforced station but that was beside the point. Last time Ithica had woken up in a station within High Security space he’d had a hell of a time explaining to the local authorities that he wasn’t actually ‘the’ Ithica Hawk (feared pirate captain don’t you know) but actually just a relative who looked remarkably similar. The tattoos and bionic arm were, of course, purely a coincidence.
The eyes of the CONCORD official showed that he didn’t believe Ithica’s yarn in the slightest but a quick donation to the officials personal wallet made his voice, and paperwork, tell a different story. A couple of suspect papers later and Ithica was safely stowed away on a transport ship belonging to an ‘colleague’. Selene Silverblood was technically not a pirate, in the eyes of the law that is. The fact that she held a position of power within a feared pirate training school and supplied a number of such criminals with weapons, ammo and other nefarious items was bye-the-bye. She, personally, hadn’t committed any illegal activities within the realm of the omnipotent CONCORD and was, therefore, an upstanding citizen. Ithica was always sure money traded hands in order for the port authorities to look the other way but he had no proof and Selene would never admit to it anyway. Stubborn bitch. He liked Selene but ‘liking’ someone is a long way from ‘trusting’ them. He’d slept in the ammo hold, an illegal handheld blaster never more than an arms reach away.

That particular ‘outing’ had been arranged by Ithica’s boss and fellow feared pirate captain, Nashh Kadavr. He’d pulled a series of strings to ensure that Ithica would wake up with the authorities in close proximity. It was Nashh’s idea of a joke. He found the whole scenario simply hilarious when Ithica stumbled off the freighter stinking of oil from the cargohold. It had taken weeks to get rid of that smell.

Quickly checking his limbs were all where they were supposed to be and examining his features in the mirror Ithica had a thought, “Aura, which system am I in?”.
Aura, the artificial intelligence that all capsuleers had implanted when they gained the ability to rip death a new one, was usually useful with straightforward questions such as that. However he had an instinct that the answer would not be what he expected.

“Current location: unknown”

“Huh… well that’s new.”


Pulling on the clothes from the medical bay, Ithica stepped cautiously out into the hallway.
He frowned, “what sort of feared pirate captain ‘steps cautiously'” he muttered under his breath.
He quickly slid back into the medical bay, making a show of checking the cupboards and drawers once more just incase anyone was actually watching before strolling out once more with a brazen swagger.
Immediately there was a problem: which way to go. Ithica hadn’t planned anything further yet but he couldn’t stop now. Plus it’s very hard to swagger brazenly on the spot. He spun to the right and set off down the corridor.

The first few doors he passed were either locked, and no one seemed to be inside to answer his persistent knocking, or they opened to empty medical bays exactly like his. All seemed to be in order, clean and empty as if they had never been used. There wasn’t even a layer of dust. He poked around the drawers and cupboards but all were either empty or had the same bland scrubs he himself was currently wearing.

“This is stupid. Nashh, you are stupid.” he exclaimed to no one in particular.

Ithica entertained himself with the imaginative ways he would get even with Nashh as he searched room after room of the facility. Perhaps he would remove the ammo from Nash’s weapons and replace them with fireworks. Just think how funny it would be when Nashh tried to ransom a passing merchant ship only to provide the amused sailors with wonderful display.

He was chuckling quietly to himself when the hairs on the back of Ithica’s neck suddenly stood up. Ithica had always prided himself on his instincts and, right now, they were telling him something wasn’t right. Freezing in the middle of the corridor his eyes darted around searching for anything out of the ordinary. His ears straining against the background hum.
His hand instinctively dropped to his hip for his sidearm but found nothing. Silently cursing the lack of his weapon he span round. The corridor was as empty as it had always been, the door control panels glowed softly in the bright artificial light of the hall.

A nervous chuckle escaped from Ithica as he backed against the wall, presenting a smaller target to whatever the perceived threat may be. His brain was telling him there is nothing there but his gut said otherwise. And his gut was not often wrong.

Ithica was starting to question his gut, perhaps it was just something he had eaten on his last patrol, when he heard it. A soft clicking sound. Every few seconds or so, yes, there it was again. So soft that he hadn’t continuously noticed it at first.

Without warning there was a sudden searing pain behind Ithica Hawks eyes. The captain dropped to his knees as the world went dark.


Hanging around

EVE Online is, essentially, a big sandbox full of toys given to us by Icelandic developers CCP. Some 500,000 capsuleers live in this sandbox and get up to various forms of mischief, dastardly deeds, mining, farming , politics and all sorts. These are some of my stories. They are limited to my own experiences, a tiny fraction of what actually goes on in the vast galaxy of New Eden.

One of the things you need to keep in mind in Eve is you always want to fight on your terms. If you hang around too long waiting for someone to engage you they’ll have time to counter.

A simple example is in FW plexes. If you are inside the plex first you can decide if you want to sit on the warp in or at range. Someone warping in on you will have to react to your positioning. An AB scram brawler warping in on an Imperial Navy Slicer if most likely going to have a bad time. On the other hand, if the AB scram brawler is warped in on by a Slicer he stands a chance of getting his scram/web onto the Slicer before it is able to pull range.

Another such example is what happened to us yesterday. We were on a T1 cruiser roam, 11 people including 3 logi ships. A modest fleet, nothing blingy with the entire fleet probably costing under 350m. We spotted a small fleet with two Hurricane Fleet Issues, a Vindicator, an interceptor and a Scythe. We decided to engage as we reckoned the Logi would be able to rep against the combined fire of the two HFI and the Vindi long enough to get the Scythe down and get our transversal via the bigger ships up. We jumped into them and immediately got blobbed as a whole bunch of other stuff turned up including Guardians and a Griffin.

Such is life in Eve but we weren’t far from home and they seemed to be chasing the surviving ships and pods so we decided to head back, grab some Battleships/BCs and engage them with carrier logi support.

We quickly formed back up and set out to meet them. By this point they were retreating back up the pipe so we chased them, ensuring we were always within range of the carriers new shortened jump range should we engage. They seemed to be evading us and moving a BS fleet around isn’t particularly speedy. We almost had them a couple of times but the warped off as we were decloaking. Due to a bit of a scatter in one system we didn’t see where they went. A cyno popped up in local so while the scouts were looking we decided to do the honourable thing and kill the cyno.

Warping to the cyno turned up an Arazu with an Archon on a station. We started killing the Arazu which, of course, the Archon repped. Neither were engaged and a cruiser fleet popped into system. The scout landed at distance off us and we were hoping the cruiser fleet may warp in to engage. They didn’t and left. We eventually broke the reps on the Arazu and popped it. The Archon was slowly being bumped away so we kept shooting it.

After a minute or so when we realised this station had a MASSIVE docking ring we decided he must be baiting. A quick check on killboards showed he has baited for Snuff Box before. Snuff are a bit more than we can handle and like to drop silly amounts of things. The Archon suddenly popped drones, having confirmed the likely bait we decided to head home.

At this point the fleet had been out in space and visible for 20-30 minutes. We were very close to being in range of Snuff who were almost certainly aware of us and hanging around much longer would just give them time to form. The fleet warped off and started the journey home. I can’t remember exactly the sequence of events that lead to the following situation but we ended up having to burn back to a gate we’d just jumped through. Stuff was starting to land and I was in a MJD fit BS. With multiple plates it wasn’t exactly quick back to gate. Left behind the FC called for people on the other side to align and start to warp off as more Snuff were appearing in local. I was still a few KM out of jump range and eventually manged to jump.

Innevitably a lone BS on a gate one jump behind the fleet got pointed. It was a Stabber so my thoughts went ‘Stabber, kiting ship hopefully. Probably a point not a scram. I’ll just align, MJD out and warp. Easy’. Of course it was a scram/web Stabber. Balls. I’ll just burn him down with my scram/web/scorch/drones. Then a Pilgrim landed too. Double balls. TD’d there was no chance in hitting the Stabber.

Clearly the Pilgrim would be a cyno ship so if the fleet came back to save me we’d all be dead. The FC appologised and kept the rest of the BS fleet (including a Vindicator and a Bhaalgorn) heading for home. A few pilots in smaller/cheaper ships decided to come back and help rescue me. Marco Drack and Red Vegas in Hurricanes, and HunterKillerHK in a cloaky Loki. The idea was simply to push the Stabber off me so I could MJD and warp out. By this point, managing my carrier on a second screen (docking it back up primarily) I didn’t notice that I was about to burn out my guns until it was too late. Marco, HK and my remaining drones managed to kill the Stabber but the Pilgrim was still holding on. Santo Trafficante had now turned up and was hugging my Abaddon, clearly hoping for a pod kill if I went down.

At this point comms was a bit mad with the main bulk of the fleet almost home while some still trying to free the cornered Abaddon. We were still sure that the Pilgrim was simply holding off as Snuff wanted bigger targets. Cynobaby1 logged into to the chaos around this point and quickly burned the three jumps in a Falcon to jam the Pilgrim. He landed, jammed, and I was able to MJD out. With burned out guns and down on drones I was useless staying. I managed to dock up safely in the next system (the system we were in had no stations). Although jumping the gate was nervewracking as I could easily get pointed once more on the other side.

Within seconds of me jumping out and the Pilgrim going down (who, by the way, was the Archon pilot that was baiting and, as you can see, very cyno fit) a cruiser fleet jumped in through the gate. They managed to snag both Marco and HK in their Hurricane and Loki respectivly. Red managed to get out and also docked up.
Simultaniously the bulk of the fleet had jumped into our home system and warped to station. Just as the majority warped, a Snuff Anathema uncloaked and managed to snag our Bhaalgorn before dumping a Snuff fleet of 26 Black Ops and 7 carriers. This is exactly what were were trying to avoid. Clearly they decided to jump anyway and snag what they could since our fleet wasn’t returning to combat. Qintis had unfortunately jumped just before this happened and loaded grid right in the middle of it all.

At this point we were all either docked or dead. Snuff hung around on our undock for a while before leaving once more. The lesson here is about fighting on your own terms.
We should probably have left earlier instead of shooting the Archon for as long as we did. Thankfully by leaving when we did we most likely saved the bulk of the fleet suffering only a few opportunity losses to Snuff desperately swiping at us to catch anything.

So basically, don’t hang around or someone somewhere will bring stuff to kill you.


Thoughts on Phoebe so far

Right, Phoebe: much debated on, many tears, lots of celebration. What do I think from the persective of a small lowsec piracy corp.

We like it. It’s great, the bee’s knees as they say. A number of us have had capitals either left over from our days in Shadow Cartel or even older that have sat rusty in their hangers, un-used due to the fact that pre-Phoebe a small capital group would be dropped on almost instantly. This was especially true because we were living within single jump distance of Amamake and Pandemic ‘we drop supers on anything’ Legion.

In fact, once we spotted cyno Arbitrator on our undock. Marco Drack undocked a Harbinger to blow it up and I was just about to undock my Abaddon. When he started pew pewing PL dropped 5 Nyxs and an Aeon, to kill a single Harbi. They did of course, then cyno’d out again. We decided to have another crack at the Arbitrator and undocked again, aligned off and started blasting. This time twelve archons came in to rep it while we warped off.

Now, with the jump fatigue mechanic groups like PL are much less likely to drop supers just like that as the jump in and then almost immediately back out will leave them fatigued for a not insignificant amount of time. Now, before dropping a single battlecrusier they’re likely to hesitate and wonder if it’s worth the fatigue. If the super pilots are logging off soon after then they may still drop but I’d wager others who want to play for a while longer wont risk high fatigue in case something bigger crops up.

From our perspective this means the ability to start taking out bigger ships again without the worry of getting dropped. Their is always the risk of getting blobbed but that’s just life. Personally I’m looking forward to being able to drop in a single or maybe two triage carriers into a small BS fleet like old times. In the week since we’ve had three engagements that involved a single capital. So far no caps down but that may change.

Smaller groups are already feeling safer bringing out lone capitals, this can only be a good thing. Sure it makes logistics a bit more difficult, as one of our members who forgot to move his stuff before Phoebe hit has found out. But that’s not always a bad thing. If anything, caps out longer and moving slower is only going to create more content.


In short, we like it.


Freighter bait best bait

I occasionally, with the help of a Rapier, bring my freighter into our lowsec home system to drop a load of supplies off rather than leave them next door to be trickled in. Since we are literally one jump out of high sec it’s not that much danger if the system is clear since it’s gate to station and back again. With a Rapier webbing it’s only about 5-8 seconds of vulnerability.

Yesterday I undocked from our lowsec station and noticed the highsec gate was actually almost an insta-undock. Sweet, I thought and clicked “jump”.
The Providence lumbered into warp almost immediately just as I also noticed it wasn’t the highsec I was warping to, but another lowsec. I spammed control-space to stop the ship but it was too late. Away we went, hurtling across space in a massive defenceless space truck.

I spoke up on comms, rather calmly I may add as some guys were out on a roam not too far away. “Uhh, guys if you could make your way back to Isho as soon as possible that’d be just great.”
It was at this point I explained what I had just done. Once the laughing died down they started heading back towards me.

It was a long warp, 50 or so AU so plenty of time to reflect on my own silly mistake. Heading towards gate I noticed a Loki on d-scan. A quick check on comms confirmed it wasn’t ours. Great. I started landing just as the Loki also did on the gate. Spamming control-space to stop so I didn’t jump even deeper into lowsec I eyed him suspiciously.
Sure enough, when the bukly freighter swung round to aling back to the safey to highsec he yellow boxed me.


He yellow boxed me for quite a while, moving around well within scram range. Meanwhile a corpmate in a Rapier was hurtling towards me, already decloaked to web as soon as possible. He landed just after the Loki unlocked me and jumped out. Just then my warp drive activated and I sailed off to safety once more.

It leads me to think that the only reason he didn’t point or at least bump a lone freighter in lowsec is he must have assumed it was bait, especially if he saw the Rapier on scan.

Might have to try moving stuff around lowsec in a freighter more often then.


In which I almost kill an Algos with a Atron

So we’ve recently moved house for a bit of a holiday so shoot some new people for a change.

I’m terrible at logistics and moving my stuff. It’s taken me ages to build up a collection of ships and mods in our main BOO (Base Of Operations, see I can use technical terms too) that is extensive enough to fit ships and go roaming. Occationally vital stuff runs out and I haul some more in. It works for me. I have lots of random stuff too because I come up with fits in EFT, declare them to be the best thing ever and, convinced of my fitting prowess, I bring in lots to fit up and use.

When the fit turns out to be terribad I end up with misc modules and ammo scattered around my hanger. Sometimes it is repurposed but usually I forget what I already have and bring more stuff I already have in. *sigh*

Now, having just moved I of course brought a bunch of hulls up ready to use. Modules, on the other hand, no so much. I forgot to bring any. No problem, I thought, I’ll just borrow a ship from the corp hanger for now. Hmm, only Atrons. I’ve never really flown an Atron, OWFIWN (Oh well, fuck it, why not).

I undock and start to roam around. Before long I spot an Algos in a plex. Normally an Algos would be a pretty bad idea for a fragile scram/kite AB blaster fit Algos. But I have to go out soon and would rather die in a ball of glorious fire than dock up and admit defeat. You lose 100% of the fights you don’t take.

He’s in a small plex, probably sitting on the button. I’ll have to deal with drones first obviously. I activate and get ready. Sure enough he’s on the button. I quickly lock, scram and start to orbit him at 7km AB on. I switch to drones and start web/blaping them. On the last cycle of my AAR I remember to turn of auto-reload (I’m not entirely bad sometimes). I’m in low structure but he’s almost out of drones. I kill the last one, victory assured.

I turn off my AB as he’s slow and I’m low on cap and begin plinking away at him. He’s not firing anything at me which I notice but don’t quite click at the time. In hindsight it was most likely because he had a rack of neuts fitted. He’s taking quite a while to go down as he’s repping. I decide to switch to close range ammo and orbit him at 1000m to take him down faster. As soon as I’m within neut range I suddenly have no cap and he warps away.


That would have been a good kill. Lesson learned, if someone isn’t shooting at you there’s probably a very good reason. If I’d stayed out at 7km and just kept chewing away at him he’d eventually have gone down and I would have had an awesome solo kill. Oh well.